Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey ho Row Row

Music is like BLEH in my opinion, well a lot of it. So in school I felt the urge to sing. We did religion singing but the first 3 songs didn't satisfy me. Guess what did????

A song, very Irish I suppose. Well yeah (and thoose of you who know *winks at MM and Rach* don't say) and the first line:

Hei-dil-dí ei-dil-dum, di-di-lí ei-dil-dé

Crazy huh?

Saturday, June 27, 2009


AnywayI just noticed, people don't notice enough. Detail is important. Don't just read a book, notice a book. I just noticed that my keyboard is dusty. Most people would just continue with what they were doing and never notice until it became the leaning tower of dust balls.
Keep your eye wide open. You could notice something that's worth it.

Basket Fox

Michael Morpurgo?

Whut do you think? You like him? What's your favourite Book? What should I get?

And what should I get for my birthday? People? Anyone?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sho, Shup

In other words: So, s'up?

Well I'm beary bored, None of my friends have emailed me and BTT is in its dead hours. I'm just by myself. My dad is asleep, my mum is away and my sister is out. Hmm...

Well it's rather boring cos I can't have a text war with my bestie, she's away. The other person I have text wars with is feeling sick. Yeah I'm here for a few hours with nothing to do.

I'm not looking forward to school tomorrow... and I won't say why.

Basket Fox,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey There

II've decided to try to blog a lot. I'd like if you guys gave me ideas and stuff.

Well today I'll talk about... Yeah.


*interviews self*
Why did you choose the name 'Basket Fox'? Well you see, it's like a hidden identity. So really I don't know. To make me a mystery.
Why did you make a blog? All of meh internet buddies have them and they look awsome.
What age are you? ...
Name? ...
Country? ...

Okay, I can just not get anymore info from this person! I heard that!

LOL... KK Buh-bye readers!

Basket Fox

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I fixed the comments

I fixed the comments! *loud clapping* Now I'll be back to blogging more often! So for my topic...

God, I dunno. Boring-ness is happening again tomorrow. But I suppose I'll show you some cool stuff,

If you are a tween (9-13 year old) then I'd recommend this forum,

It's great and well modded. It's really pawsome (there are only 10 people on the earth right now that would understand where I'm comming from).

And OW! I just accidently poked myself in the eye. ugh


Basket Fox