Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 I like the flavour of coffee. Coffee cake, coffee biscuits, you name it. I also like the colour and smell of it. My sister has become obsessed with it over the past... week? So, she was making a cup earlier and I commented saying, well, all the above. She then forced me {no joke} to try the 'real' thing.
 I did. Antial reacting '*gag*', added milk & sugar 'Hm... nothing special. I'd have to have a few cups to "get into it"' and my 14 year old sister found it amazing that I was able to sense 'an acquired taste'. . .
  I seriously need to 'stop doing this' air quote things. Well, they aren't air quotes but you know...

I've wanted to write a post for a while now, but still debating over whether I should 'On the lalath day before Christmas I lalalalallala'.

In other news,
 Christmas is coming.

The thing that really {I've probably said this before though} set it off was when we started singing Christmas songs in school again. It's so ridiculously fun. And it's my final year doing it. Sigh.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Okay. I take it back.

 Maybe, just maybe, the feeling of Christmas entered me when we sang the carols we do each year in school. Eight years of Silent Night {In English, Irish & German}, Away in a manger and O' Come all Ye Faithful. I'm actually just being nostalgic here, but this year will be my last. I'm such a nostalgic person.
 Anyway, Maybe it was the blasted/beautiful snow we've been getting here since Sunday. I am seriously, unable to leave the house. I'd rather like to, but for the fact that our gutter will collapse at any second and I don't particularly want to be under it when it does. And also, as far as I know, there is black ice all around.  
 But. It could be just the fact that it's December.
 December is a beautiful month. Not quite physically. But just think. Icicles {I actually saw my 'first icicle' on Tuesday}, if we're lucky, a lovely sheet of snow creating a scene no photographer would want to miss. Atmosphere; mannerly people, light hearted friends, just the overall air of the place. Emotion. We see relatives we haven't seen much or at all throughout the year. We have big celebrations that evoke all sorts of emotion. Happiness, bliss, gladness. Even tears come in some cases. Then, of course, presents. We are all guilty for wanting things, whether it's an action man or an SLR. But, of course, we're satisfied, even overjoyed. We'll last till next year {more like our birthdays}.
 Decorations, I love, to pieces. I've jazzed up my room a little, though we won't start decorating, putting up the tree, etc. until two weeks/ten days before Christmas.
 Then the cheesy songs. Of course, who could forget them? All I want for Christmas is you... Ooooh! Baby! - that would be a catchy one in my opinion (:

Also, this is my 200th post. I'm glad to think I've lasted this long. Anyway, here is my attempt to give you a good 200th post-post.

I cannot believe I'm two shy of 40 followers. Thank you to all my followers, and happy Christmas Season!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Style

 I've just heard of the idea of talking you through what I like in terms of clothes. I like that idea and will share it with you :)

What sort of t-shirts do I like to wear?
I'm guilty for liking fashion brands. My new t-shirt = love. I plan to wear it tomorrow, right now I'm wearing my American Girl Place t-shirt which I also adore but can't find a picture of.

My new t-shirt:

It just so happens to be American Eagle...

I have two Abercrombie t-shirts and I love them both. But the simpler of the two goes with anything. I can't believe I can't find a picture of it because it's just a simple navy t-shirt with 'Abercrombie' written in fabric letters.

What trousers do I like to wear?

I have two pairs that I couldn't live without. They're basically all I wear {with other clothes too aswell, to all those sick-minded people ;)}.

So, there is a white pair, almost identical to this:

And then a black pair, of course fashions change and I got both of these pairs of trousers a bit over a year ago so neither of them are exactly the same as the ones I have, but you get the picture.

They look a lot like this pair from Old Navy. :) But they're not...

 What jackets I like to wear?

I like to wear a simple navy hoodie :) I don't exactly like to wear it but I have this big puffy white coat and it's warm. They don't have it in white anymore, but this picture is exactly like it:
Sorry the picture is so small :)
 What shoes to I like love to wear?
My most flabbergastingly amazing CONVERSE!

Okay. So I love all the things mentioned a load but I can't get over how... beautiful.... my converse are. They're comfy ach* really hard to put on, totally worth it though.

What accessories do I like to wear?

I love my hat. :3 My sister got it for me last {2009} Christmas.
It's like this hat except it has buttons on it which makes it ulimitely cooler.

What clothes/accessories would I like to have?
 Alright. So first off I'd love a shirt like this:
But with a better colour scheme.

I'd also love maybe another pair of converse. They are seriously, the best shoes in the world. But they sadly don't have any other pwetty designs right now.

Hope you enjoyed reading this

 *Ach = But in Irish

Saturday, November 6, 2010


 Yes, you are all loving Autumn. I do not like Autumn or 'Fall' as you say it. Am I weird? But, the actual Autumn weather is only kicking off now. The leaves outside are only in the past week falling to the ground. Outside, all the leaves are yellow. No, not red or brown or orange. Yellow. It amuses me actually.
 Yellow is supposed to be a happy colour but I'd think of it as more of a headache colour. Oh well.

I think of the seasons and their weather{s} to match up with months. I guess that's what we're all taught but many think differently.

So, going by that August through October is Autumn. But, it just happens to be November. So, that's winter, right? If it is, I'm the happiest person in the world. Alright, a bit of an exaggeration there. But, I do not like Autumn. No, the yellow leaves don't bring cheer. Nor the orange or the red. Not the brown. Not the leave covered pavements. Not the poetic sound of the word 'Autumn'. No, 'Fall' sounds better here. The fall of the leaves. The death of the leaves actually. Okay. So. An acrostic for you all.

Autumn, why arrive?
Underneath the leaves which hide the ground and make people slip
Twirling to the ground, the leaves are.
Under my list of things I don't like
Making us wake up to wind, to school, to rain.
No, the colours aren't pretty, no, not at all.

Whereas, on the other hand my little poem about Winter is just joyful. 

Winter, wooly hats.
Indoors with hot chocolate
Nearly freezing, but, do we care?
Talking to our relatives that we haven't seen in so long
Everyone is happy
Really, Winter is the season we long. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crafts {Day 2 of 3}

I am utterly sorry that I didn't get round to posting yesterday! I recieved some amazing things yesterday that I'll post about soon :)

So, today I'll talk about Craft supplies. What I personally think you can't live without in your art box!

Okay, so the basics:
  • Printing paper
  • Glue (Pritt & PVA)
  • Scissors
  • Average pens and pencils
  • Markers, colouring pencils, gel pens etc.
The er... 'fancy' stuff:
  • Colourful papers
  • Old newspaper *not fancy... but whatever*
  • craft foam, felt, stickers etc
  • paper for cards
  • caligraphy pen
  • chalk and charcoal
  • ribbon
 What I think is cool but don't have:

  • buttons
  • crepe paper
  • card stock
:) Sorry, this wasn't the best post in the world but I hope it helped!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Crafts {Day 1 of 3}

 Okay, so inspired by Libby's post. I'm making my 'very own' craft post. She linked to two wonderful websites; made & Ruffles and stuff. Two websites that I am now - happily - following.
 A fair few of those things require sewing machines and being able to sew well. I tend not to think of piercing my finger everytime I try to sew being able to sew well. So, I went on a craft blog hunt and found Martha Stewart's website. She appears to be famous. Anyway, I'm now thinking about Christmas presents.
 When I was little, I would just draw a picture for my family. I distinctly remember drawing a Christmas tree on green paper, cutting it out and putting it in a what, cracker box? and giving it to my dad.
 Though, that was cute and for the past two-three years I've been buying presents. I've always loved art and this year am restorting back to 'my old ways' by making something for each person instead.
 Not just one big thing though. A little stocking filled with nice things!
  • I would buy a plain stocking and decorate it {if possible}
  • Something unique and personal for each family member
  • A few of my 'famous' flap-jacks
  • A well thought out card
  • A few sweets!
That's probably enough, seeing as they get to keep the stocking. If I can't find any near-plain stockings I'll have to make some if I have time! If I don't though, I'll just wrap things up.

All of the websites have great craft ideas!

What do you think of my idea?

Also, this will be a three day thing for the last three days of my mid-term, even though it isn't themed that way :) ~Maeve

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting all excited.

It seems that most people are getting packages recently. Maybe it's because of the archival of Felicity and Elizabeth and all their things. But I'm not receiving any packages. Oh no. I'm getting things straight from the American Girl Place. Pity, I'm not going. Or more so, pity, I haven't gone.
My dad is lucky. Well, in my eyes, possibly not in his. That was his second time at the American Girl Place. He wouldn't have gone if I didn't ask him but still. Lucky, lucky.

He bought some stuff for Molly and Emily because I asked him to. I gave him a piece of paper with all the things I'd like. I don't have Molly but I have Emily. One of the cutest best friend sets, one of the only. Infact, they aren't best friends. They're just friends. But American Girl made Emily over Susan and Linda so there wasn't 'favouritism' shown.
I, as well as many others, fear the archival of Molly and Emily. It was just pure luck for me they didn't decide to archive Molly and Emily over Felicity and Elizabeth. Because, although Molly has been there all along, ever since 1986, before I was born, I've picked the newer ones (Emily 2006, Ruthie 2008, Rebecca 2009). Molly was around for 20 years before Emily came along. Kit, for eight. And I got Rebecca the year she came out. I got them all in 2009 actually. I got Ruthie before Rebecca came out, Emily after Rebecca came out and then I finally took notice of the sweet face on the American Girl website and got her for Christmas.
Anyway, so if you can't guess or if you don't already know,

 I'm getting Molly McIntire for Christmas! Why? Why do I suddenly decide to get her now? Why, when I've picked other dolls over her? Because, my dear friends, she's adorable. She's nice with the glasses, and absolutely amazing without them. I've always liked her and although she's not like... I don't know, as eye-catching and unique as my other dolls, I greatly fear her archival. I'd sometimes say, 'I can live without another doll' but then when acting out the Molly archival scene in my head. I know how much I would regret not getting her.

Some of my newer followers will be thinking "So? Can't you just order her when they announce the archival?" but no. I can't. I live in a different country, a country where American Girl has agrivatingly decided not to ship. Ireland. I've never visited America but I really, really want to. That's what makes my dad so lucky - in my eyes. I think he'd rather be home though.

Okay, this is just turning the corner down ramble road so without further ado, I will tell you what I'm getting.
For Christmas,
  • Molly McIntire doll + Book
  • Molly's Accessories
  • Molly's PJs
  • Emily's PJs
  • Emily's Accessories.
I'm quite excited! But it's another two months away. So I decided to please myself by getting,
  • Rebecca's accessories
  • Rebecca's School Outfit
  • Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress
I will save the Hanukkah dress for a while yet. Hanukkah is on December 1st and I might be able to last until a week before that. I'm Christian but I really love Rebecca's dress and culture. Now, to end this boring-pictureless post. I'll show you the American Girl Stock photos for the stuff I'm getting when my dad gets back.


P.S I've also pretty much decided to only get Historical items because they are the only dolls I have and modern stuff doesn't fit in with them!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm not sure, but I possibly told you about 'Pylones' before. Anyway, Pylones is a French brand but it seems to be availible in many countries. I found out about them in Germany a while back. They're good quality products and they're very funky.

I got this hairbrush. It has a Japanese girl on it. It's a very good, firm hairbrush and although it wasn't all that cheap it was worth it.

You were also able to get smaller hairbrushes but some of them were different. There are many products and it was a tough choice (Barely any money left!).

Thanks for reading, just a quick thing I wanted to share with you. :) ~May

Miscellany Monday

This will be my first time doing Miscellany Monday. I may do it a bit more often.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

We have to learn to sew for school because we're making rag dolls! I'm quite excited but I can't seem to get that back-stitching right.

Don't you just treasure those little things? Moments. Or even something you wouldn't have thought about before. What I am trying to say is, I have 2 pencils on my desk. 1 is a HB orange one and the other is a 'Hand Hugger' one in blue. To you that wouldn't matter. You would only see the difference in the shape and colour, I'd be the same if they didn't belong to me. The blue pencil means a lot more to me than HB. Why? Because I got the blue pencil when I was five and it was given to me in junior infants. I have that pencil for 6 years. Can you believe that?

That's what I am. Passing through all the classrooms and other rooms in my primary school make me remember stuff that would make me want to cry. I will not be able to face graduation in June.

My teacher was giving out to my class in genral. Even to the people who didn't do a think and it made me upset. I was one of the people who didn't do anything. *sigh* I can't even say I hate the teacher, mildly dislike her which is odd because she's like this everyday.

That's all from me :) I sure hope I did this right. Next time I will have 'more experience'.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I don't know if you've heard of NaNoWriMo before. So I'll start from the start.
NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Though it should be called International Novel Writing Month because you can do it from anywhere in the world. The 'Novel Writing Month' is November. It's an annual event that has been going on for maybe... 11 years? The version which I use has been going on for 7 years. That counts this year too. I joined in 08.

Just type in the link and you'll be there!
Yes :) I'm pretty excited. My story is gonna be about a boy. I've typed out what it's going to be so many times that I think I'll have to link you to my profile where you'll see my novel info.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two Truths & a Lie

Aparently, I have to write ‘two truths’ and ‘a lie’ and you take your time guessing which two are fact, and one that is fiction. You then scroll down and find out.

It is night-time.

I am in the attic.

I adore the movie ‘Annie’

Consider your options.

It is night-time.
I am in the attic.

I adore the movie ‘Annie’

Time zone differences. I am in the attic because that is where you live. I haven’t seen ‘Annie’ in years.

Please link up at Iona’s blog (:


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oatmeal quizzes (All of them aside fromt that er.. bigfoot one)

How many hungry weasels could your body feed?
Created by Oatmeal

How long could you survive chained to a bunk bed with a velociraptor?
Created by Oatmeal

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?
Created by Oatmeal

How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?
Created by Oatmeal
(Nice thought, huh)

How addicted to Twitter are you?
Created by Oatmeal
(Funny, I don't even have one)

How many baboons could you take in a fight? (armed only with a giant dildo)
Created by Oatmeal

How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?
Created by Oatmeal
(What I'm trying to figure out is whether this is a good thing)

The Zombie Bite Calculator
Created by Oatmeal

The Twitter Spelling Test
Created by Oatmeal

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?
Created by Oatmeal
(Again, guess who doesn't have a facebook)

How long could you survive on the surface of the sun?
Created by Oatmeal

Are your loved ones plotting to eat you?
Created by Oatmeal

The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?
Created by Oatmeal

Acutally. I just minorly edited the title, just for now. Please don't worry, this is nothing serious. Just some people I know who'd make fun of me if they saw some things I wrote. I'll keep it with the 'minor' edit for the next moth or something, then we'll see!~May
I'm thinking of making the blog private. Why? Just cos certain people, I don't want to be able to see. But I would dearly invite all of my current followers to give me any of your email adresses. I promise that I will not do anything.

Otherwise I'll have to change the URL. What to do?

I'll have to think of some other options because I do not want either of those things to happen. Don't worry, the blog will be up and running for as long as possible. ~May

Sunday, October 10, 2010


 I have a cold. It's definately not fun. It started on Friday, and since then I've used an estimated 30 tissues. I also have a slight head-ache and slight sore tummy - but I'm guessing that's because I'm hungry.
 My Grandad, auntie and baby cousin are coming over which just sucks with this going on. Why? Because since my cousin is a baby, I have to be careful about passing on colds and stuff.
 I am really annoyed. I just took some medicine though and hopefully that should clear it up a bit. I want to go downstairs and wait hopefully for them to arrive, but I can't. I'm too utterly sick.
 I was earlier playing with my sister, just crazy running around the place stuff and it felt amazing. But now I'm done, it hasn't helped.
 DRONE DRONE DRONE DRONE - I am sorry about this 'droning' on about my health - DRONE DRONE DRONE DRONE.

In other news, if you're reading the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore (I recommend you should), there is a surprise! I just finished Shadow Wave, the last in the series and at the back it gave me a special bookmark that helped you read a secret code thingy (wait, make that 31 tissues) that takes you to a site. If you can't contain yourself and would like to find out what he's saying, press this and you'll find out! I'm excited but I still have to wait another year for the 'thing' to happen. Also, if you are a fan of his, you might like to know that there will be 7 books in the Henderson's Boys series :)

:P ~May

Friday, September 24, 2010


Now that I am a sixth class girl, the highest year in primary school, I am depended on a bit more. More jobs, more responsibility. My favourite job would have to be minding. What's that? Well, from Junior Infants to First Class, they need to be minded as in, opening juice cartons asking to go to the bathroom, being entertained, made happy etc.
There is one little girl called 'Liz' (or something similar which I am not saying for privacy reasons~) and so far I've been just playing with her and her best friend called 'Cate'. But then around 2 or 3 days ago the 2nd class girls began to play with them and they seemed to prefer them over me. For other reasons I wasn't able to do minding yesterday. But I was today and as I waited by the steps for the Juniors to come down Liz ran straight for me (apart from unwillingly hugging a second class twit) and hugged me. Then when break was over Cate blew me a kiss and hugged me. We're not supposed to let them get too clingy, but so what? I love the little monsters.

No Flattery Included, but this is slightly what Liz looks like ... slightly. 

 Anyway, it’s kind of sad for me. I was doing a huge job which required going around most of the school with my friend and felt a hint of nostalgia. Walking around thinking ‘This is where I lined up each day’ or ‘God, remember when…’ kind of wanting to feel the same sensation, or more, the same thing, you felt when you were of that age. I remember talking to minders who were the age I am now. Although, in my memory they seem like 15 year olds. Though, I am happy for the moment. The tears have yet to come.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recommendy Wednesday!

I'm going to start a thing called 'Recommendy Wednesday' where, basically, you choose one thing to recommend each Wednesday. It could be a CD, a book or even a blog! Just post this button on your post and recommend away!

 Okay, so to start us off I'm going to recommend a website called 'Btemplates.com' basically, it supplies (mainly) free blogger templates that I often use. One of it's features is that it doesn't have a navbar at the top. Although a lot of people would like it, I don't but that's not a problem! Because all you need to do is edit the HTML (or w/e it's called) and find the correct section and the remove it. Ta-daaaa you've got your navbar!  The designs are really nice and suite everyones needs! I would completely recommend Btemplates.com!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Okay, so I'm going to hold a

(Snazzy poster huh? I made it)

Scan in a picture,
Record your own song,
Write a story,
Make a video, ten minutes long.

Do whatever you want,
A poem,
A design,
But enter only one time.

The Platinum Dream contest has just opened. It will last two whole weeks.So you have until 19th September til 3rd of October! Then on the third or fourth. I'll judge. I erge you all to enter cos... uhm. I'll have a prize, not a prize you have to post off somewhere but like a super cool drawing or something. Whatever you'd like! Depending on how many enter I'll have 1-3 prizes. Email me your w/e it is you're doing at nopencilswereharmed@gmail.com (I know, my other blog's email. But I don't want to share out my real email) Thanks!


Friday, September 17, 2010


  I got a diary. Actually it’s more like I had a notebook for many years, used it for piano even though it was too good for piano. Then quit piano. Then it lay in my car for quiet some time. Today, I got it ripped out the used pages and started a diary.
 A diary I hope to keep going and not ever give up on until it’s full. Heck, I’ve already used up four pages. But I was merely introducing myself. Not everyday will be exciting. Though, as simple as a little girl hugging me or the most delicious biscuit I’ve ever had, I could write that. A wave, a smile. A swear, a sorrow. Diaries are made to take abuse. Well. No. But they are made to be flooded with laugher or cries. They’re just your friend. And they’re just for you. J Nice thought, isn’t it? Well, provided you’ve got a good hiding place for it if it doesn’t have a lock. Which mine doesn’t... I have yet to find a good place for it. Anyway, I shan’t be telling you what goes into it. It’s for me. It’s for me now, and me then. Maybe a select few pages to friends and family in the future. But, not for now.

(My beautiful notebook^)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happiness is...

 Well I've just done a linky for uhm. 'Happiness is...' on Pastor's Girl's Ponderings. So I've got to say what happiness is. Two things for today...

Happiness is....

Working on an art project

Happiness is...
 Pencils (okay, that makes no sense, but anyway)  

 As I kinda said in this post, I'm working on an art project. A manga drawing. I'm not that good yet but I really wanted to draw a 'warrior' from ancient Rome. And I did. I drew the circle made it head shaped n' pretty. then the arms, legs and torso were made with various shapes, then gone over and é volia. My Roman. Then I inked it using my calligraphy pen, that is until, it exploded all over my fingers. Then once it dried (not that it took long) I began to rub out the pencil lines and fill in any gaps my pen forgot about with a marker similar in width. Then I coloured him in, drew a background, coloured a good bit of  it in and now I've got to finish that. All of the above took maybe 2 1/2 hours >.< Another, I'd say, fifteen mintunes later or tomorrow and it will be finished. Then I'll upload it to my art blog and you can see it. Pwease follow >.< It's not about dolls for those of you who don't like them. And even if you do like dolls, can't ya like art too? ... Please :D Anyway. It will be up maybe tomorrow afternoon. No promises though. ~May

Monday, September 6, 2010

Confide in Books

 I love reading. I don't have a verity of books though. I usually love one author and get all their books then when I'm finito with him/her I find some other one that I adore. I've still got a few books left by the author I like now, but after that it's spending another bloody 200 euro on books that I'd just love to spend elsewhere. So, I want to join a library. I usen't to like the idea because 'other people' read the books, sneezed, coughed whislt reading but still. I don't really care. If I love a book enough that I borrow from 'the library' I'll buy it. But I haven't joined one yet. I want to so badly. There are books I could take out; Mockingjay, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson. Ones that I'm not sure I'd like but would love to try.  Also I can take out some Manga books on drawing and stories. Libraries just sound amazing. There isn't one in walking distance, but we'll find one near (I hope).

 Libraries, Libraries, filled with book families. 

May wants library. NOW. May want to read. May want to try new things. May want it now.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Working on my Manga

(13:14) Okay, so Manga/Anime is a Japanese style of drawing. It's used in TV programs like Natruto and Pokémon. And well, there are two nice people in my class who adore Manga stories, and books and stuff. And I also find them fasinating. But I really like art, so I wanna be able to easily draw Manga. So, today, like, five minutes ago, I fished out my sisters old Manga drawing book (It took like, 10 minutes to retrieve it, even though I knew where it was) and hey presto, now I'm 'drawing a basic face' as they put it. I'll just finish drawing it and then upload it on here.

(13:22) So, lets be honest here. It's not very good. At all. I'm a try again, I think the eyes were the ones that messed up, big time.
It's really terrible. I need to try again.

 (4 September 2010)

(13:30) I've just started to try again already and it seems to be going better than last time, I'm allowing my self to do more sketchy pencil lines.

(13:36) Scanning, scanning, scanning.

(13:38) So, it's alright. I forgot about rubbing out the pencil lines but I think I want to run it under GIMP for a snazzy colour up. Maybe I'll touch up the lines aswell.

(I worked for about 20 minutes then went down for a bite to eat)

(14:22) I've been working on this thing for quite some time now, it's shaping up nicely. I'm thinking of maybe printing it out and sticking it up somewhere :) I've still got to shade stuff though

(14:30) Okayy. I think I'm finished. Yurp. Just head over to my art blog to see it, why? Because well.That's where my art stuff should usually go. This is kinda, like, a preview of it. Because not so many people view my other one. And well, I hope it goes durn good.

Friday, September 3, 2010

On Wednesday, school started. On Thursday it continued. On Friday it ended for two days until Monday comes round. Then I'll have to get up at seven and go to bed at half nine once more. But tonight, I don't know if I'll last until a quarter to ten. I am knackered. Not as tired as last night, sure, I was falling asleep at the dinner table. But still, I remain tired.
 I did 43 questions in maths, although they weren't hard, they were incredibly tedious. The teacher had a mini meeting so she had assigned us all that maths, though, I doubt she thought we'd finish. Around five or six people finished and the rest, not far behind. I was waiting for quite some time doodling in my notebook until she came back and started the next lesson. Irish. It wasn't hard mind you, just not a favourite of mine. We didn't do that for too long, but then a heap of correcting of maths was done. I told you, 43 questions, but 25 were in one book and the 18 in another. I was the only one who got all the 25 right, the teacher was quite pleased and I made a couple of mistakes in the 18 questions. Silly things, adding instead of subtracting and one digit wrong in another. Still, if I had looked over it I would have quite possibly noticed but I can't bear looking over. It's boring, tedious and difficult. Anway.
 We then did religion and then it was break time. I got to help out with the Juniors, a favourite job of mine. Today, I sorted out two seperate fights amongst 6 year olds and helped a little girl find her friend. I love that job. 
 The teacher took photos of us with our favourite thing to do, I brought in a camera and she told me to pose beside a rose bush and pretend to be taking a picture. I wonder how the picture turned out, I'll find out soon enough. 

Now, I'm off to fiddle with the settings on blogger. Bye!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow

As you know from the title, I'm going back to school tomorrow. I've spoken about it before
on this blog but anyway. The point is, I'm looking forward to it.
 Aside from that, now that the Summer Holidays are over, I will not be online as much. You'll see me often, but just. Not as often. I don't plan on 'giving up' any websites though. I'll have less news, less exciting things to post about. The only things I can offer would really be reviews or something. I could write or do some art, but I've made seperate blogs for those things. Shall I combine them? Please tell me what you think. Suggestions would be appreciated.

illy Bandz will be my Topic for today :P Well basically in the US they seem to be 'all the rage'. So when my friend went there, she bought me some :) So... Yeah. They're pretty cool and they 'almost' instantly go back to their original shape after you take them off. I would post a picture, but I'm lazy. So yeah.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


I just need to post this thing, no actual story here.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Felicity Merriman & Elizabeth Cole

 Okay, I'm going to say this calmly, some people are just soo... outraged - that's not an insult. But for those of you who are getting confused with all this anger, I'll explain it for you.

American girl was created with three core dolls, Molly, Samantha and Kirsten. They, however, were closely followed by Felicity. At the end of 2008 American Girl retired Samantha, to make room for the new doll they would be releasing in June 2009. That doll was Rebecca Rubin, but anyway. Then at the end of 2009 they retired Kirsten. Many people thought that they'd introduce a new doll for 2010 (besides Lanie GOTY 2010) but, they didn't.
 Everyone thought Molly McIntire would be next for the end of 2010, or possibly even 2011 seeing as American Girl didn't introduce any new dolls this year.
 Yesterday, we recieved the news of Felicity Merriman and her new-ish best-friend, Elizabeth Cole. They would be joining Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkon (with her friend Nellie O'Malley) in the Archives. Alright, so people were expecting a retirement. But not Felicity's. Felicity was 'supposed' to be after Molly, not before. And this is why everybody is so outraged.

It was confirmed this morning by American Girl putting up a sign on their website.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I made a shoppee on AGFM...

...and then I got loads of orders... and then I closed down for one day.... and then I never really did any orders.... then I closed forever... then I felt bad... now I'm doing every-single-one of those orders... it's hard.~May

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I gotta feelin'

 I've got a feelin.. that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be a good good night. La la la la la la.

I don't like that song, but it's stuck in my head and it seems fitting to my situation. I know you all know my sob-story about my best friend leaving. And last night my dad said that it's gonna be hard to keep in touch with her. So I was thinking about his thought and it gave me a whole lot of bloody courage. Yeah, I've cried about her leaving, I've welled up many tears about it but why the hell am I? Okay, I used to see her most days in the year but now I won't. Yeah so? I'll write to her each week and see her every-so-often. My big sister has lived in many places over the years but she manages to keep in touch with one of her best friends in a different place. But after this whole thing has blown over, my friend will still be near-enough for me to go see her. We're going to different secondry schools anyway, but IF I get a facebook when I'm 13 and if she gets one we could add eachother.
 Anyway, though I still think of her as my best friend for now, I will sometime make new best friends over the years. But K, you're staying in my heart and mind forever. And you're staying in that picture frame on mt fireplace. I wouldn't dare forget you. And now I've got tears in my eyes. *sigh* I will keep in touch with you for as long as I can. These past four years have been great. Thanks :)

And even with me still kinda upset about this, I am freaking seeing her tomorrow. I can't bloody wait.

 And I feel confident about starting school next year. I'll be in the oldest class and be 3rd oldest pupil in the school. In my school 6th class does tons of stuff and even that bully 'don't phase me' right now. I have 2 very good friends and I like most of the others too. ~May

Sunday, August 22, 2010


My class is turning into a Conversation. Ok, so that makes no sense to you right now but it will. Everyone wears Converse. Them purrddy shoes. Anyway. So let me think. Probably 90% of them do. My class is 6th class nation. Conversation, Converse Nation. Okay. Bad pun. I getit. But I made it up just there. Even if it has been used before I promise that I have NEVER heard it.
Anyway. I used to not like the shoes. I even told one girl I didn't like hers *she asked* but that accounts for waay more than just the shoes. I won't go into that. But anyway, two days ago I got a pair of blue ones. And I love them :D PICTURE TIME:

Okay, so this is NOT my picture. It belongs to the converse people.

And well it took us a while to find them in a UK size 6 and in a colour I liked.And also to decide whether they fit and stuff. But in the mean time, there were quite a lot of different styles. High-tops (the ones I got), ankle ones. Super-high-tops. Leathery ones. Just go to the Converse website to have a look. .


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Oh.. I changed the backround again. Why? Maybe you liked it. Maybe I did too, but it’s just not me. It was cool. A little too cool. I’m not like that. I prefer normal things put together to make something beautiful. Or at least I think so. Anyway, it’s fun for a while. Then I realise how unlike me it is.
 I haven’t posted for a while on this blog but check out my latest rant please (Rant once or Twice). Also, please follow that blog.
  Uhm. So. Basically it's nearly school time and well... yeah. I haven't got much to say apart from that, just I updated the update box. Anyway. Bye!


Friday, August 6, 2010


Hi :) Mei is cooler than May. But I like both. anyways.
 I have discovered what a terrible singer I am. D: I hate singing like, by myself or with a small crowd. But I was singing karakoe on youtube yesterday and I was really crappish. I want to be better, but I don't want a carier in singing or w/e. Oh. And I made a big poster of Paul McCartney :3
 Funny-ish story time! :S Uhm. I made myself a mug of cheerios to bring up here and eat whislt I used the computer. So then I kinda put too many in the mug so I had to sit down and eat a few before I could bring them up here. So yeah, I sat down put a spoonful in my mouth and then the phone rang. The phone was only about 3 centimetres infront of me so I had to spit my cheerios back into my spoon and answer the phone xD Luckily it was my mum phoning from the shops. Actually, that wasn't a good story but anyway.

I just saw Inception:

It's like 12s, so I just barely qualified to see it. My sister had been begging me to see it with her but I thought it sounded boring. But then today my dad said that the whole family were planning on seeing it and asked if I'd like to come. I said sure. And well, I did. I was quite possibly the youngest person in the cinema but it was actually quite good :D Like. VERY good. Hard to understand in parts but worth seeing. It was really long and interesting. But I guess you'd have to be a certain type of person to enjoy it. I don't mean smart but like, well I don't know, interested I guess. Since I didn't understand it all, my family was able to explain the bits I didn't get in the car.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Hairstyle

For the blog you see. Uhm. Movie Starish theme for some reason. It's a black background, just cause. Oh and Mei is a cool name. It's said the same as May but it's Mei. I haven't gotten any news apart from. Erm. I won't say.
Just a couple of blog related thingies. I ended the poll thing waaay early because it got boring. Grace won by 10-9. I'm not too sure if I'll get her anyways. Also, I got thirty followers. Read the list below to find out who all my followers are :)

I Think I've got everyone, I might have missed one or two :)