Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sometimes I say things that are rude.
Sometimes I'm {overly} lazy.
Sometimes I'm angry.
Sometimes I just pick out all my faults.

Why do people pick out the worst things about themselves?
"Ugh, why do I always do really badly at art?"
"Why the heck is my hair so stupid and uncooperative?"
Maybe it's true that I'm being a hypocrite with that last 'sometimes'. So what? You've heard it a million times; 'God made you to be beautiful'. And I'm not going to go all religious here, but the message is right, and it is beautiful.

You were made that way. You were made to be beautiful. No, it's not a defect or accident that you can't sing 'nicely' or are shy. You were made that way. If we were all the same, it'd be a mighty boring world. You have other talents and things that so many other people would like to have.
You have so much freedom. You may not think it, but I can bet you, that even the older men and women in third world countries don't have as much freedom as you.
You have choice and you have 'valued' opinion.

You're beautiful.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To Travel {to Berlin}

Fello blogger Libby (her fabulous blog has 70 followers! Jealous much?) is travelling to Paris tomorrow. I left a lengthy comment on her latest blog post about trips I'd like to take, and trips I've taken (oh and I said 'have fun' too). The whole thing just inspired me to tell you a bit about that sort of thing.


Berlin. I've always liked Germany, and the language is alright, the shopping centers vast and the cities and villages are nice. Over the Summer, I went to Berlin with my family. I went to all the touristy kinds of places like the Berlin wall (came home with a bit of it that I purchased at the airport) and the holocaust memorial and others, along with Galleria Kaufof and KaDeWe (shopping centers) and our lovely hotel. It walked the legs off us but was enjoyable. And we went to the zoo. {Knut died, how sad is that?}We also met up with my dad's friend. It rained some, and was actually kind of scary with a bit of thunder as we returned from a shopping trip absolutely soaked. But we had ice-cream. We were okay after that.
 We all came home tired, with goodies for others and absolutely thrilled. I would and will go back to Berlin anytime. I feel so lucky to be just two or three hours away from places like Germany, although it's not like 'Oh hey! Why don't we go to Germany today?' but still, it's saves us a massive journey.

Where are any interesting places you've been to? Is there any place you'd really like to go?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ich Liebe meine gitarre

Even when your fingers hurt.

Even when it doesn't sound right.

Even when that string breaks.

Even that song makes you sad.

Even when it's hard to play.

Even when you're 'making a racket'

Never mind what people say,
Meine Gitarre ist hier zu bleiben.

 Yet, when it all boils down, you're happy. You've just let yourself go. You've conquered that chord. You've got a huge wave of clapping from your little party piece. You've done some mighty fancy finger-work. You've expressed yourself. You've lost yourself. You've made yourself a new friend.

Ja, ich liebe meine gitarre.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Dear Little Child

I love you,Kate
Really, I do,
You're the best out of the twenty nine of you.

Your cute little sayings Easy Peasy!
And your lovely red locks,
Your cute little eyes,
Better than socks!

I'm happy to see you as you play with a friend,
But so sad to know that the time when your hand was in mine,
is coming to an end.

I love you little Kate,
Like a sweet teddy bear,
I want you to know,
That really, I care. 
 - Maeve B.

 I know the sweetest little girl. She's only five. I mind her in school. She used to put her hand in mine. She's growing more distant. She's playing with friends. Girls I would prefer my little Kate wouldn't know. Girls that are cute, but not so nice. My little Kate. I miss her littleness in my hands. I miss the conversation we had. I know she's still there. But she won't be for long. As in a few months, I'm moving on.