Friday, June 25, 2010

Where's the posting gone?

Well, you see. I have a Best Friend. Let's just call her K. So K joined in 2nd Class. I quickly became her friend, then her best friend. I'm in 5th class right now. So we've had like nearly 4 years of bestfriendship. Then, this year, she was gonna go to a boarding school, that would be for 6th class, our final year of primary school. So on Tuesday she left. I cried for like an hour after school. She went to USA for the whole Summer apart from like the end of this August so I will see her then. I got an email from her today which made me sooooooooooo durn happy. Wuv you.

Yeah. and only 3 more living days of school for meeeee! Then the Summer Holliers.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Better, Better, Better

I made a new header, and I made the background B&W. I think it's great. We've still got all the colours in the text and the good news, bad news thingies. But yeah, I'm kind of in love with Paul McCartney's music. Mehehehe. I'm pretty freaking proud of the header. I compiled it. Made some things seethrough and that. The mic wasn't part of the Paul picture either. Anyway, the B&W theme matches the tabs. I was annoyed that I couldn't make them any other colour but it works nao. 
 School tomorrow, but it's not really all that bad. I should be getting some more test results and bringing some books home this week. 17 more days. Well, less, if you count the weekends. There are a couple of 1/2 days aswell!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Look!

Heya, I've gotten a new look. I'm also going more pro. To start that off:

Good news is, I made the new signs! Well I've made two! And also, I found the template I wanted. Turns out it's availible on blogger itself, and it's a new thing. It's just, it didn't show up for me before! Sorry if I sounded like a right idiot when I asked where it was :)

Bad News is, I don't know what else I should do to my blog to make it better. I'd appreciate suggestions. And please, read my blog. It hasn't been having too many followers lately. Well, followers who look at my blog that is. Thanks.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's getting Better all the Time

Well, the dumb-bum in my class will be sorted out over the next few days. I sadly, still haven't found out where to get a coolio background template. But I will, soon, me hopes. I had a waaaaaaaaay over due project, which I put together all today. The teacher isn't really angry at all because she likes me :D. Uh... Yeah. That's pretty much it for now.

OH NO WAIT. I got 100% as in an A :D for my Summer Exam History Test thingy.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I had a draft from a few weeks ago, but you know, I decided not to use it.

 Alright, life is good. But you know, not everything is. Imma make a poll asking you if you want good news or bad news first. I'm also planning on using a lot more pictures and making things a little different. Do any of you know where I heart American Girl  got her template? As soon as I've found that out, or found something better I won't be going pro. Hehe, that isn't a threat, but just so all changes go at once. Because you can't have good features but a rubbish website.

Good News!

I've found a book series I really like. It's the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore. He also does a series called Hendersons Boys or something. I've read the 1st two, I have the next one but I want to wait, even a few hours before I touch it.

Not so great news!
poof. I got rid of it. It's personal.

  Erm... Bye. ~May