Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Study in Paper Men...

If I've learnt nothing in life so far, I know that no two things are the same, nor will they ever be. If you and your best friend wear the same hairstyle everyday, or if you wear a uniform, or if you and your brother or sister look near identical, you are not the same.

The thing is, you'll never be the same as someone else. You may learn the same things {see History and Geography flash-cards for upcoming tests!} as them, but one will be smarter than the other, or have a better memory. Even a string of friends don't always get along perfectly.

Take these two paper men {yes, they are attached to the others, but just bare with me} for example. They, like all the others, were cut from the same piece of folded paper, and were cut from the same pattern. But what to you notice? They're flipped around {well, one of them}, for one, but their heads are slightly different and one of the man on the left's legs is longer than the opposite on the man on the right.

They were cut from the same piece of paper. They were cut with the same pattern. Yet they are different.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Afternoon :) That title made very little sense, but basically it's my life. As of today. NaNoWriMo and Cooking.

001 Nanowrimo has started! I'm excited, but I'm scared at the same time. I have my novel almost planned out. There's just one more thing to decide on, and then I can really get into the swing of novel. As of now I can tell you that my novel is about a French girl who moved to Ireland. Eventually it comes to be that she discovers Irish dancing and the story really gets strong there. Of course I'll love to write a really intense, gripping novel but I think I want to start more simply first. The style of writing is inspired by Michael Morpurgo and the American Girl Books. I hope it all goes well! I have 4,000 words or so written. 10% done!

002 'Eat More' well... it just sounded good. But basically I've taken up baking and am really enjoying it! Homemade bickies and cakes feel much more healthy to eat that stuff from the local. I do therefore have some recipes to share {an especially delicious one will be coming closer to Christmas} and well... yeah!

003 I've made a few great friends over the last few weeks. I like it because in the past I used only to have 1 best friend but now I'm in a group of people where it's no 'best friends', just everyone is best friends with everyone! I'm going over to one of my friend's houses tomorrow. So. Excited.

004 I need a new blog design. I'll hunt around for something suitable. Though I'm desperately searching for giveaways because they're the best. I do have an old design from Hannah, but I've misslayed the background, so I need something else until I find it!

005 My blog is evolving. Not really. But the things I post about, especially this month {then Christmas the next} and continuing on in January will be Cooking and Writing. Also some likes and things, if my request for a pintrest is granted soon! So yeah. If anyone isn't extremely pleased with this descision, could you please comment to let me know? I only want to make my readers happy!