Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bird Stuck up my chimney

When I got home from school, I notcied a loud crowing sound. At first my Dad joked and said a man came to look at our chimney and got stuck. Then I realised it was a bid. I heard it getting louder as I ate my ice-cream. It was crowing really loudly and then it stopped for a minute, started again, stopped, crowed quitely and stopped. I'm a bit freaked out about this because I have mild (in-between) bird phobia.


P.S I'll try to get the comments fixed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MysteriousMagic and Cool blogginess

As you may remember from previous blogs, MM is meh bestie on the internet. *I just wanted to say that*

And also, I'd recomend getting a blog, as you can make sure you spread the message across about what it is your subject is ( mine is random really but it's for people my own age and a little older). Ya know, so you won't get people replying as if the were talking about science and stuff, not sure what to say.

I'd recomend it for nearly all ages (maybe not girls of 5 or 8). Once you understand the ground rules, it'll be grand! :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Stuff

This will be updated too, but in order of what I got:

Ruthie doll with paper back book,
Ruthie's acessories

Wire hair brush,
Licorice Fun outfit,
Cozy Star robe,
Emily Doll with paper back book,
Licorice the cat,
Rebecca Doll with paper back book,
Doll hair book,
Doll school book,
Doll crafts book,
Doll scrapbook book.

About the blog

Hi, I'm May, the owner of this American Girl website. I love the dolls soo much, so I made this blog, I'll be updating it regularly with crafts, news and facts. Please subscribe, If you want to contact me just leave a message in this, or your email or anything so that I can contact you back, thanks. Please note: I have nothing whatsoever to do with American Girl or Mattel.