Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Study in Paper Men...

If I've learnt nothing in life so far, I know that no two things are the same, nor will they ever be. If you and your best friend wear the same hairstyle everyday, or if you wear a uniform, or if you and your brother or sister look near identical, you are not the same.

The thing is, you'll never be the same as someone else. You may learn the same things {see History and Geography flash-cards for upcoming tests!} as them, but one will be smarter than the other, or have a better memory. Even a string of friends don't always get along perfectly.

Take these two paper men {yes, they are attached to the others, but just bare with me} for example. They, like all the others, were cut from the same piece of folded paper, and were cut from the same pattern. But what to you notice? They're flipped around {well, one of them}, for one, but their heads are slightly different and one of the man on the left's legs is longer than the opposite on the man on the right.

They were cut from the same piece of paper. They were cut with the same pattern. Yet they are different.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Afternoon :) That title made very little sense, but basically it's my life. As of today. NaNoWriMo and Cooking.

001 Nanowrimo has started! I'm excited, but I'm scared at the same time. I have my novel almost planned out. There's just one more thing to decide on, and then I can really get into the swing of novel. As of now I can tell you that my novel is about a French girl who moved to Ireland. Eventually it comes to be that she discovers Irish dancing and the story really gets strong there. Of course I'll love to write a really intense, gripping novel but I think I want to start more simply first. The style of writing is inspired by Michael Morpurgo and the American Girl Books. I hope it all goes well! I have 4,000 words or so written. 10% done!

002 'Eat More' well... it just sounded good. But basically I've taken up baking and am really enjoying it! Homemade bickies and cakes feel much more healthy to eat that stuff from the local. I do therefore have some recipes to share {an especially delicious one will be coming closer to Christmas} and well... yeah!

003 I've made a few great friends over the last few weeks. I like it because in the past I used only to have 1 best friend but now I'm in a group of people where it's no 'best friends', just everyone is best friends with everyone! I'm going over to one of my friend's houses tomorrow. So. Excited.

004 I need a new blog design. I'll hunt around for something suitable. Though I'm desperately searching for giveaways because they're the best. I do have an old design from Hannah, but I've misslayed the background, so I need something else until I find it!

005 My blog is evolving. Not really. But the things I post about, especially this month {then Christmas the next} and continuing on in January will be Cooking and Writing. Also some likes and things, if my request for a pintrest is granted soon! So yeah. If anyone isn't extremely pleased with this descision, could you please comment to let me know? I only want to make my readers happy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Just a little recipe from me to you. :) I make these a lot and they taste really nice!

175g of Porridge oats
1 Tablespoon of Golden Syrup
75g of Butter {or Margarine}
50-75g of Brown Sugar {The past two times I've made it, I used Caster Sugar and it tastes just as nice!}

1. Turn the oven on at 180 Celcius/350F/Gas mark 4
2. Put the Butter, sugar and golden syrup into a saucepan and stir over a low heat until ingredients have melted. {Alternatively, you can put the butter, sugar and golden syrup into the microwave and melt until the butter is liquid, then stir everything in. Tastes just as good, and easier}
3. Add the porridge oats and stir in thoroughly until the oats are completely coated in the mixture.
4. Press into a well greased tin. Do not cut at this stage.
5. Leave in for max 25 minutes. Depending on your oven, they could even be ready fifteen minutes after they've been put in. In otherwords, check regularly.
6. Once they are a golden-brown colour, you can take them out of the oven, and cut into strips/squares. Then leave to cool.
7. Enjoy!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nine Eleven.

For English class two days ago {Friday} we had to write a 'fake' account of 9/11 through the eyes of a New Yorker. I haven't {obviously} handed mine in yet, so I'm not going to post the whole thing, but I'll like to offer you a few paragraphs to acknowledge this awful day.

I was there, laughing and pointing to the sky. 
 "What's the plane doing?" I asked as I tugged at my mother's sleeve. She was too engaged in her work to hear or notice me. My giggles turned silent and my eyes grew wide with fear as the first scream sounded from not so far away. 
 "What's ha-" I began, but my mother lifted {more like grabbed} my five-year-old-self off the floor and ran over to the door.
 She swore under her breath. The door was locked. She always kept it locked during the day as she hated it when her co-workers came in when she was trying to work.
  She fumbled with her keys; they all looked much the same.
  When she finally had the right key in, she pushed the door open and ran out into the corridor.
  Books pens, papers and more were left on the floor where people had abandoned their things and fled. My mother tried to dodge these and make it through the corridor - but it was a difficult task with me - literally - on her back.
 A huge tremor shook the building. Dust from the ceiling showered us. More screams. I could hear sirens now. 
 Lots, and lots of sirens. 

So, of course that isn't all of it. So, once I hand the essay/story in, would you like me to post the rest? I kind of like how it's going, and am thinking of making a mini-novel of it. A lot of editing is required though. Anyway.
 I find it hard to believe I was alive back then. That ten years ago, I was just a little kid throwing teddies around the room whilst others grieved and disaster struck. Whilst George Bush stood there with a blank expression on his face. America is under attack. I laughed, and played with my sister. I know, 9/11 is so talked about; some even say it's 'over-rated' but it's kind of hard to get your head around. How did these people commit such a crime?
 I will never know.

Keep Safe

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a week!

I'm officially in secondry school. I'm going to give what I post like a teensy face-lift in a little while. But for now I'm busy and tired. I don't really know anyone in my school yet {only 2 that I'm so far friends with, and one other girl I would LOVE to be friends with but haven't spoken to yet} so it is a bit weird not talking to people so much, but my goal for tomorrow is to make 1 new friend. :) I'm sorry about how utterly rubbish this post is, and how utterly rubbish my most recent posts {that I've written} are. But as I said before, I'll give them a facelift very, very soon!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest Post by: Zaidia Black

(Posted late, blogger was messing up!)
(A guest post by Zaidia!)
Hello all, my name is Z A I D I A. I'm here to guest post to you on this lovely day (hey, don't blame me if you look outside and its raining.) all about HENNA!
I know what your thinking... "Henna? What the heck is henna?" You might ask. Well, check out this wiki.
I'lm going to give you a quick description of what it is though, so your not reading that whole darn wiki! It is a plant that flowers and it is used to make henna hair dye and henna paste for temporary tattoos. That's what I'm here to talk about. You see, I went to this campping thing and they offered Henna there so I did some on my hand. It only lasts a week or 2, and sometimes a couple days. I would love nothing more than to show you mine, but sadly, I have lost the picture(s) of it. So, I now present to you, *drum roll, if it please yeah, majesty* Random Henna Pictures I Found On Google!

But First, I assure you, my Henna was no way near this cool:

You see, mine was natural stuff, but I think this is the Black Henna.

Bet you didn't know that there is Henna hair dye! Well, now you do.. because I told you. Oh, and this is my first ever guest post. I am so wonderful at this you're blown away by it, corectomundo? No? Ah, well. Good day, my dear followers that aren't mine!


Hello, as I might have mentioned above My name's Zaidia Black. I'm a young, aspiring, writer, a tree climber, a drawer and much more than this blog post gives me to tell you.

Want to follow my epic, blog in construion? Well, dear person, you can do that right here:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guest Post By: Britt Banyon

Hello all you awesome people!

I'm Britt Banyon, and today I shall be guest posting for the ever-lovely Maeve. 

Now you should know that this is my first time guest posting, so please excuse me if this post is suckish. I'm sure I'll improve with experience. ;)

 I volunteered to guest post here at the beginning of August, but it took me until about last week to figure out what I wanted to post about. I realized it should be about me, but not some boring biography type thing. I wouldn't want to bore you. So I decided to talk about one of the many things that inspires me. And for this particular post, I chose eyes. 

Yes, eyes. I know, strange. But they really do inspire me.

  I think the main reason is because that there are no two pairs alike. 


They're all beautiful, and unique.

They all reflect your personality.

They all tell a story.

They all seep with emotion. 

They all inspire me. 

They always have.

Want to make my day?
Visit my blog!

Want me to love you forever?
Follow my blog!
(No pressure. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Book-shelf Challenge

First of all a big thanks to NuttiNetti for creating this wonderful background/template for me!

Today, I'm on goodreads. I'm trying to create a list of stuff to read. I only have around 8 or 9 books I really want to read, and 11 or so others I'm half interested in. So, I'm going to go through all the bookshelves in my house, {the study, my room, my sister's room}and read each and every blurb. This way, I hope to find at least 10, but hopefully more! I'll update you tomorrow with my findings :)

Feel free to do this yourself!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two : Movie Review

*Warning* Contains Spoilers.

I was one of the lucky thousands to get to see Harry Potter on the 15th of July. It feels special seeing things on opening day, right? Anyway. I went with my cousins which was cool - it was a late birthday gift :)
 Anyway, when we arrived in the cinema I wasn't too excited. I mean, I thought Harry Potter was okay - a good movie, but nothing to be excited about. Though, when the movie began I sucked up every second of it with pure joy. The only thing I didn't really like was the ending. Too short and ending, not enough, not satisfactory.
 I'd probably give the movie 4.3 stars. Not five, I felt although it was a great movie, it wasn't the best so bye-bye .7.

My favourite scenes were nearish the end, now that I think of it. I liked some of the scenes with Neville in them because it was unexpected -but welcome- that he was a 'hero' instead of that useless little boy that kept doing things that made him look stupid he was in the earlier movies.
 I also absolutely adored the scene that goes as follows:

Harry: Come on Tom! Let's finish this the way we started!
*Grabs Voldemort by the face*
Harry: Together!

And if those lines weren't action packed enough, it looked like Harry was about to kiss Voldey in the face which added a little slice of hilarity in the middle of all that jazz we just saw. Death and what-not.
 I'm not great at writing reviews, at all really, and although this review may suggest I wasn't too pleased with the movie, I was thrilled. For seven days straight {a week!} all I've been thinking about is Harry, Harry Potter. I've made minature broomsticks, wands, capes, you name it - I've probably made it.
 I haven't read the books, so I've no idea if the movie goes well with it, though I do plan on it in the near-ish future.
 I didn't cry in the movie tho - just saying.
 I really recommend getting your dose of Harry Potter if you haven't seen it already.

If you have seen it, what was your favourite scene?

Friday, July 1, 2011

This morning.

This morning I had a lie in until a quarter to eleven.

This morning, when I got downstairs, I raced over to the calendar and couldn't get it off the wall fast enough.

This morning, as I turned the page at a speed at which I'd never done before, I gave the calendar a hug.

It's July.

 I'm so pleased with that. I smiled at the sunshine and ice cream sundaes in pictures. Later on today, I'll treat myself (actually, my grandmother's going to get me one) to an ice-cream. A Brunch to be precise. They're so tasty. What's your favorite ice cream?
 I'm also making these. I love Ashley Ann! She's amazing. :) And there's no sewing skill required, just glue. I've got glue. 
 Although the weather is kind of bad, I'm relishing this first day of Summer/July!

How are you celebrating?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winner of the Giveaway

Isn't this exciting? I'm announcing the winner of the 'Beauty Design Studios' giveaway of a blog design package worth 80 dollars! Sadly, I couldn't enter, boo-hoo. But I will use to get the winner! There were 18 valid comments in all, so here it goes!
The winner of the giveaway, was comment number 17!

It was from 'The Cluttered Thoughts of Ellie B." aka, Ellie. This is what she wrote:
My favorite thing about photography is the art of it. I love how a single photo can tell a whole story.

Congratulations! Email me at, to officially expect your prize! Then I'll refer you to Hannah, where she'll begin the design process to your exact taste!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photographer's week is nearly at it's end, but it's going really well so far. Hope you enjoy this interview I did with Iona from Life in my Eyes and Through the Lens.

{One of Iona's favourite photographs}
Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography: I can't say something like, "I've been into photography for a long time," or "I adapted to photography at a young age." Because I haven't. I got a small camera, ran on a battery, no memory card. Nothing. I was content and didn't even care that when it died, I lost all my photos. I decided to set that one aside and stick with doing videos with my mom's old video camera. Christmas 2009, I got my very first digital point-and-shoot. It wasn't very good quality, mixing with the fact I knew nothing about camera's. When I lost that camera my mom offered up for me to use her DSLR. I used it and thought my under exposed, blurry photos were amazing. I still use my mom's and I'm hoping to get my own DSLR later.I have improved so much since that day, and still improving every step of the way.

What was your proudest photography moment?: When I learned to shoot in manual. I was so happy and now I can take good photos in any shooting conditions. Without flash! It also could have been when I taught myself what all the dials mean.
What things, apart from photography interest YOU? I love art. Definitely art. I started an art joint blog, and the lovely Maeve here is a part of it. I am not very good at art, but just like with my photography, I am definitely getting better.

A couple of your favourite photos:
These are just a few recent ones that I am loving.

{side note, aren't her photos absolutely gorgeous?}

Do you have any tips for viewers?:Even though I don't prefer flash, sometimes it's necessary in low light conditions. Flash is also a really good filler for underexposed photos.If you are new to your DSLR or even point and shoot. Consider starting slow. Shoot with flash, in auto. As you progress, try learning what all the buttons do. Read the manual. Or go to It's really helpful.

If there was one thing and only one thing you could do to improve your photography (as wonderful as it is!) what would it be?I really want the 50mm lens. I am saving up for it, but it isn't exactly cheap. I also want to start selling prints on etsy.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photographer's Week: Tips for Editing with Picasa

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying Photographer's Week so far! Today, I'm going to show you some tips I figured out about editing with Picasa.
 So, a while ago I was trying to access picasa web albums, but stumbled across the program picasa, which you download onto your computer. I thought it looked interesting enough, so I downloaded it. I ignored it for a good many months, but just a few days ago rediscovered it. I wanted to get an effective black and white photo, so when fiddling with the controls, I came up with a black and white look that really really works!

For this tutorial, I'm borrowing two photos from fix-it-friday on iheartfaces which came up a few weeks ago.

So, I took this photo from iheartfaces as I said before. Now in this tutorial I'm going to make the picture a nice black and white. So the first thing I always do is go onto the 'Tuning' button and raise the highlights feature up a bit.

Then, do the same with the 'Shadows' button, but make the setting higher than the 'highlights' one. Don't do anything with the 'fill light' button unless the photo is really really dark!

Then it's time to go to the black and white effect. At first you may not think it's wildly better than just using the black and white effect in the first place, but for me it adds more dimension to the picture.

See, this is what the picture would look like if I had just pressed 'black and white' without tuning it. It's got much less depth, and it doesn't draw you in so well!

I'll also show you the same thing, except this time I'll use a different photo from iheartfaces - just to show you that the effect works universally!

So, here's the original, but it's a little dark. Even though it's dark, we still are going to go through the same process as above.

We change the highlights.

 Then the shadows. You could leave it like that if you wanted, because it's got nice vibrant colours!

 Then black and white-ified. I really do think it's pretty like this! I love the depth <3

 Again, this is what it would look like if I hadn't changed the tuning. I think there's quite a big difference!

Now, I'm going to mess with a bit of colour. (Original photo again)

 It's all well and fine if you're going to just change it to sepia or tint it, but I am a sucker for tuning!

 This time I added fill light as well and went a little more wild with what thing went where.

 I also changed the tone to give her a 'healthy tan', even though she's perfect as is, I thought it would be nice to change tones - not just to give her a 'healthy tan'.

 If you can't read it it says: 'See, it's quite simple. Picasa is an easy editing software, even though it may not give you 'professional' results it's good enough. And no, I was not payed to say this! :)' also, it's free, which is a plus!

I also find it fun to give the photo a 'blown out' effect, again, tuning is key!

I hope you enjoyed these tips :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photographer's Week: Interview with Photographer Jeneca

Jeneca is a friend of mine who is really good at photography! I interviewed her a week ago. Here's what she said:

Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography:
 Well, My name is Jeneca, and I enjoy nature photography the best. {You know, getting up close and personal with flowers.}
   I have a Kodak Easyshare M531, and even though my mom thinks I should get a better camera,  I think my camera is good
   enough quality for me. :3 

What was your proudest photography moment?:
 When I randomly took a picture of some lilac after it rained, not excepting any quality, and it turned out to be my BEST photo
   ever. Oh and when I was swinging, the light hit my feet so well... another one of my best photographs. :)

What things, apart from photography interest YOU?
 I am an aspiring writer, a heavy reader, a blogging fanatic, an avid tree climber, a swim-all-day kinda girl, a crocheter,
    and unsuccessful knitter, a person that spends WAY to much time of the computer, but a summery is that I'm a tomboy.

A couple of your favourite photos:
   The foot photo
The lilac photo 
The wild flower
    The rose flower

Do you have any tips for viewers?:
 Focus the camera, make sure you have nice lighting and a nice subject. Other than that, no, I have nothing else to say.

If there was one thing and only one thing you could do to improve your photography (as wonderful as it is!) what would it be?
I would LOVE to get a Canon. Like one of the 1,000 dollar ones. Of course, That's not going to happen. Oh course, I can still dream.. ;)


Well, there's your daily dose of Photography Week! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photographer's Week: Interview with Photographer Carolyn

Are you enjoying Photographer's Week so far? I hope so. :)
 So, today I'll share with you an interview I did of aspiring photographer and friend Carolyn.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography:
   Hiya!  My name is Carolyn, and I sometimes go by Carolyn Liac, Caro, Caro-Sauce {Maeve's name for me!}, or Carter {which was my fake name before I could reveal my ACTUAL name}.  I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and glasses.  Photography is a big part in my life, and I never go a day without snapping a photo!
  As for my photography, I love to photograph every day life.  I especially enjoy taking photographs of nature.  I, living in a state where winter hits hard, also love to take pictures around my home, which probably sounds a bit odd.  I just snap pictures of anything I can get my hands on, I guess!

 What was your proudest photography moment?:
   Hmm . . . this one is tough!  I would probably have to say . . . when I took this photograph:

I was just beginning photography, and I bent down on my little dresser where some necklaces lied, tangled in a not together, and snapped this photo.  I didn't notice bokeh at this time, I just cared that there was a focus one place, and it was blurry everywhere else.  Still, I just love this photo, and that was definitely my proudest photography moment.  (:

What things, apart from photography interest YOU?
  Well, I have a long list.  You can tell I love photography {duh}, but besides that I love to dance.  It's really become a huge part of my life!  I also love to read and write, play piano and French horn, travel {when I get the chance, and just around Amerikay!}, and blog.  (:  Nothing too crazy there!  Besides those, my "little every-day hobbies" include smiling, laughing, being happy, and being with friends.  Sorry, that sounded utterly cheesy!

A couple of your favourite photos:
 First of all, the one from above!  Ok, now I'll actually show you some photos:

Do you have any tips for viewers?:
   Hmm . . . I'd have to say . . . bring your camera everywhere.  You don't know when something beautiful will come up, because beauty is everywhere.  Also, don't be afraid to try out some weird things to get a great photo!  I've bent around to get pictures, I've closed an eye and focused to see what it would look like on a screen . . . just keep taking those pictures!

If there was one thing and only one thing you could do to improve your photography (as wonderful as it is!) what would it be?
  Well, I'd like to get a bit of a better camera.  I know that the world's best photographer could have a simple point-and-shoot like me {I have a Canon Powershot A495, and I love it}, and the world's WORST could have a DSLR, but I still think that I could improve with a better camera.  The current camera I want is the Fujifilm Finepix!!  Also, I'd like if my photography would be crisper and have more vibrant colors, but not unreal vibrant, 'ya know?  Lastly, I'd like if I could zoom in REALLY far and get an amazingly crisp photo.  <3  A girl can dream, right?

 Thanks so much to Carolyn! I think she deserves a round of applause. She has lovely photos too :)