Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow

As you know from the title, I'm going back to school tomorrow. I've spoken about it before
on this blog but anyway. The point is, I'm looking forward to it.
 Aside from that, now that the Summer Holidays are over, I will not be online as much. You'll see me often, but just. Not as often. I don't plan on 'giving up' any websites though. I'll have less news, less exciting things to post about. The only things I can offer would really be reviews or something. I could write or do some art, but I've made seperate blogs for those things. Shall I combine them? Please tell me what you think. Suggestions would be appreciated.

illy Bandz will be my Topic for today :P Well basically in the US they seem to be 'all the rage'. So when my friend went there, she bought me some :) So... Yeah. They're pretty cool and they 'almost' instantly go back to their original shape after you take them off. I would post a picture, but I'm lazy. So yeah.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


I just need to post this thing, no actual story here.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Felicity Merriman & Elizabeth Cole

 Okay, I'm going to say this calmly, some people are just soo... outraged - that's not an insult. But for those of you who are getting confused with all this anger, I'll explain it for you.

American girl was created with three core dolls, Molly, Samantha and Kirsten. They, however, were closely followed by Felicity. At the end of 2008 American Girl retired Samantha, to make room for the new doll they would be releasing in June 2009. That doll was Rebecca Rubin, but anyway. Then at the end of 2009 they retired Kirsten. Many people thought that they'd introduce a new doll for 2010 (besides Lanie GOTY 2010) but, they didn't.
 Everyone thought Molly McIntire would be next for the end of 2010, or possibly even 2011 seeing as American Girl didn't introduce any new dolls this year.
 Yesterday, we recieved the news of Felicity Merriman and her new-ish best-friend, Elizabeth Cole. They would be joining Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkon (with her friend Nellie O'Malley) in the Archives. Alright, so people were expecting a retirement. But not Felicity's. Felicity was 'supposed' to be after Molly, not before. And this is why everybody is so outraged.

It was confirmed this morning by American Girl putting up a sign on their website.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I made a shoppee on AGFM...

...and then I got loads of orders... and then I closed down for one day.... and then I never really did any orders.... then I closed forever... then I felt bad... now I'm doing every-single-one of those orders... it's hard.~May

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I gotta feelin'

 I've got a feelin.. that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be a good good night. La la la la la la.

I don't like that song, but it's stuck in my head and it seems fitting to my situation. I know you all know my sob-story about my best friend leaving. And last night my dad said that it's gonna be hard to keep in touch with her. So I was thinking about his thought and it gave me a whole lot of bloody courage. Yeah, I've cried about her leaving, I've welled up many tears about it but why the hell am I? Okay, I used to see her most days in the year but now I won't. Yeah so? I'll write to her each week and see her every-so-often. My big sister has lived in many places over the years but she manages to keep in touch with one of her best friends in a different place. But after this whole thing has blown over, my friend will still be near-enough for me to go see her. We're going to different secondry schools anyway, but IF I get a facebook when I'm 13 and if she gets one we could add eachother.
 Anyway, though I still think of her as my best friend for now, I will sometime make new best friends over the years. But K, you're staying in my heart and mind forever. And you're staying in that picture frame on mt fireplace. I wouldn't dare forget you. And now I've got tears in my eyes. *sigh* I will keep in touch with you for as long as I can. These past four years have been great. Thanks :)

And even with me still kinda upset about this, I am freaking seeing her tomorrow. I can't bloody wait.

 And I feel confident about starting school next year. I'll be in the oldest class and be 3rd oldest pupil in the school. In my school 6th class does tons of stuff and even that bully 'don't phase me' right now. I have 2 very good friends and I like most of the others too. ~May

Sunday, August 22, 2010


My class is turning into a Conversation. Ok, so that makes no sense to you right now but it will. Everyone wears Converse. Them purrddy shoes. Anyway. So let me think. Probably 90% of them do. My class is 6th class nation. Conversation, Converse Nation. Okay. Bad pun. I getit. But I made it up just there. Even if it has been used before I promise that I have NEVER heard it.
Anyway. I used to not like the shoes. I even told one girl I didn't like hers *she asked* but that accounts for waay more than just the shoes. I won't go into that. But anyway, two days ago I got a pair of blue ones. And I love them :D PICTURE TIME:

Okay, so this is NOT my picture. It belongs to the converse people.

And well it took us a while to find them in a UK size 6 and in a colour I liked.And also to decide whether they fit and stuff. But in the mean time, there were quite a lot of different styles. High-tops (the ones I got), ankle ones. Super-high-tops. Leathery ones. Just go to the Converse website to have a look. .


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Oh.. I changed the backround again. Why? Maybe you liked it. Maybe I did too, but it’s just not me. It was cool. A little too cool. I’m not like that. I prefer normal things put together to make something beautiful. Or at least I think so. Anyway, it’s fun for a while. Then I realise how unlike me it is.
 I haven’t posted for a while on this blog but check out my latest rant please (Rant once or Twice). Also, please follow that blog.
  Uhm. So. Basically it's nearly school time and well... yeah. I haven't got much to say apart from that, just I updated the update box. Anyway. Bye!


Friday, August 6, 2010


Hi :) Mei is cooler than May. But I like both. anyways.
 I have discovered what a terrible singer I am. D: I hate singing like, by myself or with a small crowd. But I was singing karakoe on youtube yesterday and I was really crappish. I want to be better, but I don't want a carier in singing or w/e. Oh. And I made a big poster of Paul McCartney :3
 Funny-ish story time! :S Uhm. I made myself a mug of cheerios to bring up here and eat whislt I used the computer. So then I kinda put too many in the mug so I had to sit down and eat a few before I could bring them up here. So yeah, I sat down put a spoonful in my mouth and then the phone rang. The phone was only about 3 centimetres infront of me so I had to spit my cheerios back into my spoon and answer the phone xD Luckily it was my mum phoning from the shops. Actually, that wasn't a good story but anyway.

I just saw Inception:

It's like 12s, so I just barely qualified to see it. My sister had been begging me to see it with her but I thought it sounded boring. But then today my dad said that the whole family were planning on seeing it and asked if I'd like to come. I said sure. And well, I did. I was quite possibly the youngest person in the cinema but it was actually quite good :D Like. VERY good. Hard to understand in parts but worth seeing. It was really long and interesting. But I guess you'd have to be a certain type of person to enjoy it. I don't mean smart but like, well I don't know, interested I guess. Since I didn't understand it all, my family was able to explain the bits I didn't get in the car.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Hairstyle

For the blog you see. Uhm. Movie Starish theme for some reason. It's a black background, just cause. Oh and Mei is a cool name. It's said the same as May but it's Mei. I haven't gotten any news apart from. Erm. I won't say.
Just a couple of blog related thingies. I ended the poll thing waaay early because it got boring. Grace won by 10-9. I'm not too sure if I'll get her anyways. Also, I got thirty followers. Read the list below to find out who all my followers are :)

I Think I've got everyone, I might have missed one or two :)