Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Agh! I'm in complete shock, the American Girl Doll, Kirsten is being retired! I can't believe I never though about it ever, but I think I'd like to get her. My Mum's going to America soonish. But still don't think I really want her but I do think I want her at the same time! *freaks*

[url=] Kirsten [/url]

Saturday, September 19, 2009

National I-can-be-a-pirate dahey

You heard me, me mateys. National speak like a pirate dahey. So, I'd now be Little Lady Pirateson. And ye'd be me pirate crew! *ruffles hair* Little Mister Cabin Boy. This'd be a short blog, yar. For I'd be sailing the seven seas. I'd better go me mateys!

~ Little Lady Pirateson

Friday, September 18, 2009


This is a random blog. Bands shall be the topic...

The Beatles
I don't like them. But my sister does, they are the 'lads from Liverpool'. They made the WURLD go carazah, larf out loud mahn. Anyway, yeah they are rocky~pop dudes.

I don't like them either. Noel Gallagher quit. I lurve his guitar. The blue one, not the 'I'm a punk Brit' one. 

I like ABBA, dey are cool! MAHN, I like ABBA, they are cool MAHN! *makes up song*

So yeah, pieces out! :D

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Lady's Lollipop

I renamed mah blog. I gave it a new background, and uber cool one at that. Way better than the last one (Ellie can take of course). I'm just listening to various songs, Love Story, Here come the girls, etc. Songs I don't normally listen to. Y'know. Ever just get an erge? I did. Next up is Just dance. But Here come the girls is still on. Still on. And this random dudette or dude on you tube has put a collection of pictures up of them. And they just keep flipping and twisting, in this utterly repetitive song. *shakes head* And it goes on and on. 14 more seconds... and we are out! XD *goes onto Just Dance* *sigh* Lady Gaga. What has the world come to? I'd much rather see P!NK. *changes song* Nananana...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We had drama todayith! Our group did X factor!
There was this girl, singing badly. So Simon's like: "Woah Woah Woah, stop the music!"
Me (as in Mommy): *walks up to Simon Cowel* Hi Simon
*Everyone in mah class laughs*
Girl: MOMMY HE'S MEAN! *points*
Me: *pushes arm down* No he's not
*more laughing*
Girl: HE OFFENDED ME! *points*
Me: *puts arm down* No he's not
*more laughter* *lots of silence*
Me: *breaks the ice* He's nice
*more laughter*
Girl: *runs away*
Me: *runs after*


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well I'm just writing a blog. It's morning here now, so I haven't really done anything yet. But I did (with help from MysteriousMagic, who changed the background by temp becoming an admin on my blog because I couldn't figure out what to do) change the background. Just tell me you love it! COS I LOVE IT! MysteriousMagic also, yes also, found it! :D

That's it so....


Basket Fox,

Friday, September 11, 2009

A 'special' part of my day!

I need to blog this okay?:

Well I went to mah BF's house with another good friend
And we were selling Lemonade
And these two girls came up
and bought Lemonade
one of them was laughing
and when they were walking away
one said: Ew.. this tastes like water!
then a couple minutes later
one of the girls asked for more
GIRL 1: Can I have more lemonade
musicalfish: No
GIRL 1: Why not?
musicalfish: Cos you were mean about it
me: GIRL 1: You just lost 50c!!
musicalfish: So..
GIRL ONE: *screeches* B****es
musicalfish: ass hole
My friend went up when they went up the path
and stuck up her middle finger and then these two young men in a car came up and laughed 'Haha! GIRLS!'

Please comment!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to My Normal Old Blogs...

Well, now dudes and dudettes. I am back to my normal, boring blogs. To tell you the truth the American Girl Special was not special. I cannot make SPECIALS! D:
Paragraphs. Oh wait, what's that? I feel something else comming on its... well I don't know maybe.
Another paragraph. We had to watch a video in school today; two gothic emo punks explaining the 'wonderful' world of paragraphs D: I did not enjoy that lesson.
OH! Another paragraph. It was funny. My teacher was showing us interviews with Roald Dahl and in the middle of one the intercom came on, you can just imagine it:

'So, writing a story is like taking a-'
'Could we all please'
*Sentance morphed together*
'walk bring in your park'


~Basket Fox

Monday, September 7, 2009

American Girl Special!

Well, I was reading Liz's (American Girl Fan) blog, and I thought 'I really should write to my blog more often, maybe an American Girl Comeback Special!' So here, Liz, here it is.

Well, I love the way American Girl realises SURPRISE items, such as my favourite one:


It's soo cute! And I also love these two items:


I know they've had the second image since the Summer but I really love it!

So, I love you American Girl!!!

P.S The Links don't work, so enter them into your bar!

P.S.S Basket Fox, for this special has annouced her name!!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Titchy the bear!

Well I'm writing a story, and the main character is a bear, called Titchy! And I was looking through photos of my bears and I found one of my sister's bear that looked perfect. MY SISTER RE-NAMED HER BEAR TITCHY! Haha, I am sooo cool XD