Sunday, July 26, 2009


I haven't been talking to her much lately. We're both on our Summer Holidays now but it doesn't help much. We're never on BTT or Gmail at the same time anymore. It's really annoying 'cos she's great to talk to, and she's the only one I've webcamed with and the only one I probably with webcam with. Or at least that's what my sister thinks. I want to webcam with other people. I've never asked about webcaming with other people. But now my dad says I can webcam with Ellie whenever I want really. But yeah she's not on at the same time. She was on today but earlier than me, Pity. Basket Fox xxx

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MysteriousMagic said...

I know...I so wish we could talk more...I really wanted to tell you some of my lame stories and limericks... xD