Friday, October 30, 2009

Ruthie's Raincoat

 Here's a little bit of my story, please comment:

Ruthie’s Raincoat

Ruthie walked home with Kit. “Isn’t it amazing when you get packages?” Kit went on. “I haven’t gotten any since Christmas, or my birthday,”
“Me neither,” Ruthie’s shoes kept sinking into the snow that hadn’t yet cleared.
Kit laughed “What an old raincoat! You’ve worn that since you were five!”
“Six, but it was giant at the time anyway,” Ruthie said slightly offended.

They made it to Ruthie’s house and waved good-bye. As soon as Ruthie knocked the door swung open to reveal Ruthie’s smiling mother. “I was waiting for you! Grandma sent a package for you,” she swiftly handed over the package. Ruthie ripped it open to reveal a shiny new raincoat. It was a Kingfisher blue; it had a neat collar and pockets perfect for mini notebooks or a few cents. It was brilliant. “Thank you Grandma!” Ruthie shouted even though Grandma had no chance of hearing her from another state. Ruthie swung around and admired her coat, it was shiny and well... just fabulous!

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