Friday, July 1, 2011

This morning.

This morning I had a lie in until a quarter to eleven.

This morning, when I got downstairs, I raced over to the calendar and couldn't get it off the wall fast enough.

This morning, as I turned the page at a speed at which I'd never done before, I gave the calendar a hug.

It's July.

 I'm so pleased with that. I smiled at the sunshine and ice cream sundaes in pictures. Later on today, I'll treat myself (actually, my grandmother's going to get me one) to an ice-cream. A Brunch to be precise. They're so tasty. What's your favorite ice cream?
 I'm also making these. I love Ashley Ann! She's amazing. :) And there's no sewing skill required, just glue. I've got glue. 
 Although the weather is kind of bad, I'm relishing this first day of Summer/July!

How are you celebrating?

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