Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nine Eleven.

For English class two days ago {Friday} we had to write a 'fake' account of 9/11 through the eyes of a New Yorker. I haven't {obviously} handed mine in yet, so I'm not going to post the whole thing, but I'll like to offer you a few paragraphs to acknowledge this awful day.

I was there, laughing and pointing to the sky. 
 "What's the plane doing?" I asked as I tugged at my mother's sleeve. She was too engaged in her work to hear or notice me. My giggles turned silent and my eyes grew wide with fear as the first scream sounded from not so far away. 
 "What's ha-" I began, but my mother lifted {more like grabbed} my five-year-old-self off the floor and ran over to the door.
 She swore under her breath. The door was locked. She always kept it locked during the day as she hated it when her co-workers came in when she was trying to work.
  She fumbled with her keys; they all looked much the same.
  When she finally had the right key in, she pushed the door open and ran out into the corridor.
  Books pens, papers and more were left on the floor where people had abandoned their things and fled. My mother tried to dodge these and make it through the corridor - but it was a difficult task with me - literally - on her back.
 A huge tremor shook the building. Dust from the ceiling showered us. More screams. I could hear sirens now. 
 Lots, and lots of sirens. 

So, of course that isn't all of it. So, once I hand the essay/story in, would you like me to post the rest? I kind of like how it's going, and am thinking of making a mini-novel of it. A lot of editing is required though. Anyway.
 I find it hard to believe I was alive back then. That ten years ago, I was just a little kid throwing teddies around the room whilst others grieved and disaster struck. Whilst George Bush stood there with a blank expression on his face. America is under attack. I laughed, and played with my sister. I know, 9/11 is so talked about; some even say it's 'over-rated' but it's kind of hard to get your head around. How did these people commit such a crime?
 I will never know.

Keep Safe


Hannah E. said...

I'd love you to post the rest of your assignment, if it would work out okay!


jellybeans said...

That was EPIC!!!