Sunday, May 17, 2009

About the blog

Hi, I'm May, the owner of this American Girl website. I love the dolls soo much, so I made this blog, I'll be updating it regularly with crafts, news and facts. Please subscribe, If you want to contact me just leave a message in this, or your email or anything so that I can contact you back, thanks. Please note: I have nothing whatsoever to do with American Girl or Mattel.



LittleLady said...

Hey dat's cul, I want to no how hard it iz to lyke do it coz it luks hard is it hard? Cos if it isn't I'm makin' one 2.

AmericanFan said...

Can you please how you have pages on your blog? Please visit my site Little Lady. (

Lily- Blog Author said...

Abba isn't my fav. music but I do love it. I danced to Waterloo last year.