Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Yes, it is the next decade, I've seen 3 decades. But no, I'm not 30. I'm 11 :P The last two years of the 90s, all of the 00s, and now I'm in the 10s. What will this new year bring for you? I dunno what will happen this year to me. RECAP TIME

January 09:
Was told I would get a doll :D for my birthday in July

Febuary 09:
Ehm... hehe?

March 09:
My dad went to America!

April 09:
Received surprise doll, Ruthie.

May 09:
Dad my doll bed

June 09:
Last month of school before Summer holliers

July 09:
Emily Bennett :D

August 09:
Big party for Grandad

September 09:
5th Class

October 09:
My mum said she'd get me Rebecca

November 09:
Got in a Christmassy mood.

December 09:
Rebecca Rubin!

2010 for me might bring a trip to the AG place, or a new doll or something.
So far 2010 has brought (and I swear this happened over night) a bad cold.
 Rebecca's on my lap, she was (until I shook them off) wearing her boots on her hands like a lu-lah.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

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