Monday, February 8, 2010


 Hello, it's mee,

Well in one of Libby's posts from January, she was talking of an ordering online place for clothes that fit AG. Well.... totally out of the blue, my Mum decided I needed some more doll clothes, but AG doesn't ship to Ireland, and the clothes we wanted from Amazon, well we 'weren't' allowed order them, Amazon didn't let us. So I went downstairs and did some piano practise. Then when I came back up my Mum was looking at  My Doll Boutique . I didn't suggest this site to her, she just found it. We ordered:

The pink bodywarmer
The pink short jacket
The short denim skirt (I think we got the last one!)
Pink shoes (1)
Pink shoes (2)
Pink footless tights

And these black cropped trousers, but I think we got the very last of them so they're not on the website anymore.


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