Sunday, May 16, 2010

I've a good bit to tell you.

 Well, I am back. I'm not sure if I posted here to tell you that I wouldn't be here for 2 weeks. But I certainly said it on a couple of MBs. It turned out to be 3 weeks anyway.
 So in that space of time I drew 3 Beatles pictures, 2 Paul McCartney and 1 George Harrison. I copyied photos  on the backs of various albums. And I am soo proud of this one of Paul McCartney, with a beard, from one of the Let it Be photos.
 Then, just last week. I went away for 5 days with my class. It was pretty awesome. Different from what I excepted but quite good all the same.
 You know all those dollar stores, dollar tree, the 1 dollar section in Target, and also the way I get none of those. And you know the way all you AG fans find useful bits and pieces for your dolls there? Well, I found one! Welll the 2 euro shop. There aren't any that are that close to me... but I occasionaly (quite rarely) pass by one. I went into one the other day, and it had a few AG things! Well... AG sized things. But I was in a rush, so I could only pick up one thing. It was a cute little genorously sized-yet-the-perfect-size lunchbox for AGs. It's a spongebob one. But they also have a mini pool table and a mini skateboard! Perfect size :)

(I don't own the image)
Here is the lunchbox I got!


swissmiss♥lotti said...

(I'll have to be on the lookout for more AG-sized items)

We missed you!

Maybob said...

:) Thanks for the tag and the comment!

Maybob said...

Oh, and I'm again, a little busy I'll get round to posting the tag by Wednesday.

Jasmine said...

I awarded you!