Saturday, April 24, 2010


 Hello Guys, I know I haven't been on this for ages. So I'll just tell you what's up.

The Sky.

No, not really :P But yeah. Yesterday one of my friends was over! We had great fun, we ate food, played American girl dolls (She doesn't have one, but she really wants one), went onto youtube and listened to Beatles music. She's increbily Beatles upsessed so we did quizess like. 'Okay, is 'The Continuing story of Bungalo Bill' a song?' Etc.

I was thinking of doing a vblog. Exept no pictures. Lol. Good idea?

Oh yes, and Ruthie broke her arm. It's in an orange cast and says ABC on it, in cool stickers!

And I did some spring cleaning, I cleaned out and sorted out my shelves and my wardrobe.

BAD NEWS I have to use my sister's account on the computer! Because the internet on mine sucks.



swissmiss♥lotti said...

Ooh, spring cleaning...meh. I gotta do that today. :(

-Gabrielle :)

swissmiss♥lotti said...

I gave you a blog award at my blog!