Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Style

 I've just heard of the idea of talking you through what I like in terms of clothes. I like that idea and will share it with you :)

What sort of t-shirts do I like to wear?
I'm guilty for liking fashion brands. My new t-shirt = love. I plan to wear it tomorrow, right now I'm wearing my American Girl Place t-shirt which I also adore but can't find a picture of.

My new t-shirt:

It just so happens to be American Eagle...

I have two Abercrombie t-shirts and I love them both. But the simpler of the two goes with anything. I can't believe I can't find a picture of it because it's just a simple navy t-shirt with 'Abercrombie' written in fabric letters.

What trousers do I like to wear?

I have two pairs that I couldn't live without. They're basically all I wear {with other clothes too aswell, to all those sick-minded people ;)}.

So, there is a white pair, almost identical to this:

And then a black pair, of course fashions change and I got both of these pairs of trousers a bit over a year ago so neither of them are exactly the same as the ones I have, but you get the picture.

They look a lot like this pair from Old Navy. :) But they're not...

 What jackets I like to wear?

I like to wear a simple navy hoodie :) I don't exactly like to wear it but I have this big puffy white coat and it's warm. They don't have it in white anymore, but this picture is exactly like it:
Sorry the picture is so small :)
 What shoes to I like love to wear?
My most flabbergastingly amazing CONVERSE!

Okay. So I love all the things mentioned a load but I can't get over how... beautiful.... my converse are. They're comfy ach* really hard to put on, totally worth it though.

What accessories do I like to wear?

I love my hat. :3 My sister got it for me last {2009} Christmas.
It's like this hat except it has buttons on it which makes it ulimitely cooler.

What clothes/accessories would I like to have?
 Alright. So first off I'd love a shirt like this:
But with a better colour scheme.

I'd also love maybe another pair of converse. They are seriously, the best shoes in the world. But they sadly don't have any other pwetty designs right now.

Hope you enjoyed reading this

 *Ach = But in Irish


Gabrielle said...

CONVERSE ARE THE BOMB!!! I want another pair. A size bigger, though. Mine are a tad small, but I wear them anyway. ;D

I also have to confess to loving fashion brands. I used to live somewhere where you COULD NOT FIND these sorts of things, so now I'm in like some sort of shopper's paradise. ;)
I've only gotten a few so far from Aeropostale, but I also love Holister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie..Although I think Holister and Abercrombie are slightly too expensive, unless you look at the sale items. (But I do have a bag from Abercrombie I ordered off the internet in 6th grade or so and it was amazingly wonderfully worth it. It's like this gorgeous thick navy blue almost denim material, with embroidered moose (like the abercrombie logo moose) all over it. Sighhhh i love it.)

Mmmm yeah, you probably didn't want to know all of that but oh well. :D

makes me want to go shopping. hehe

I love your blog!!!

May said...

I can see you're excited ;) I read it all anyway. And thanks! :D