Saturday, November 6, 2010


 Yes, you are all loving Autumn. I do not like Autumn or 'Fall' as you say it. Am I weird? But, the actual Autumn weather is only kicking off now. The leaves outside are only in the past week falling to the ground. Outside, all the leaves are yellow. No, not red or brown or orange. Yellow. It amuses me actually.
 Yellow is supposed to be a happy colour but I'd think of it as more of a headache colour. Oh well.

I think of the seasons and their weather{s} to match up with months. I guess that's what we're all taught but many think differently.

So, going by that August through October is Autumn. But, it just happens to be November. So, that's winter, right? If it is, I'm the happiest person in the world. Alright, a bit of an exaggeration there. But, I do not like Autumn. No, the yellow leaves don't bring cheer. Nor the orange or the red. Not the brown. Not the leave covered pavements. Not the poetic sound of the word 'Autumn'. No, 'Fall' sounds better here. The fall of the leaves. The death of the leaves actually. Okay. So. An acrostic for you all.

Autumn, why arrive?
Underneath the leaves which hide the ground and make people slip
Twirling to the ground, the leaves are.
Under my list of things I don't like
Making us wake up to wind, to school, to rain.
No, the colours aren't pretty, no, not at all.

Whereas, on the other hand my little poem about Winter is just joyful. 

Winter, wooly hats.
Indoors with hot chocolate
Nearly freezing, but, do we care?
Talking to our relatives that we haven't seen in so long
Everyone is happy
Really, Winter is the season we long. 

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Anonymous said...

I utterly enjoyed this. Call me crazy, but I love fall (I don't like "Autumn", but love "Fall") and winter. Of course, my Birthday is in fall, so why not like it? :3 I utterly enjoyed "AUTUMN", not the season but what you posted. I enjoy your blog. I enjoy it lots.