Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 I like the flavour of coffee. Coffee cake, coffee biscuits, you name it. I also like the colour and smell of it. My sister has become obsessed with it over the past... week? So, she was making a cup earlier and I commented saying, well, all the above. She then forced me {no joke} to try the 'real' thing.
 I did. Antial reacting '*gag*', added milk & sugar 'Hm... nothing special. I'd have to have a few cups to "get into it"' and my 14 year old sister found it amazing that I was able to sense 'an acquired taste'. . .
  I seriously need to 'stop doing this' air quote things. Well, they aren't air quotes but you know...

I've wanted to write a post for a while now, but still debating over whether I should 'On the lalath day before Christmas I lalalalallala'.

In other news,
 Christmas is coming.

The thing that really {I've probably said this before though} set it off was when we started singing Christmas songs in school again. It's so ridiculously fun. And it's my final year doing it. Sigh.


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Libby said...

Mmm... Coffee. Honestly, I'd pick one of those yummy hot chocolates, with masses of cream and marshmallows, over coffee. Since I'm lactose intolerant though, I use oat milk which is disgusting in hot chocolate, and I make coffee. Lattes are what kicked off my liking for coffee, since they're lovely and milky, often with only a slight hint of coffee taste. Of course {see aforementioned reason} I only have lattes when I go into town, which makes them even more special!