Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guest Post By: Britt Banyon

Hello all you awesome people!

I'm Britt Banyon, and today I shall be guest posting for the ever-lovely Maeve. 

Now you should know that this is my first time guest posting, so please excuse me if this post is suckish. I'm sure I'll improve with experience. ;)

 I volunteered to guest post here at the beginning of August, but it took me until about last week to figure out what I wanted to post about. I realized it should be about me, but not some boring biography type thing. I wouldn't want to bore you. So I decided to talk about one of the many things that inspires me. And for this particular post, I chose eyes. 

Yes, eyes. I know, strange. But they really do inspire me.

  I think the main reason is because that there are no two pairs alike. 


They're all beautiful, and unique.

They all reflect your personality.

They all tell a story.

They all seep with emotion. 

They all inspire me. 

They always have.

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