Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest Post by: Zaidia Black

(Posted late, blogger was messing up!)
(A guest post by Zaidia!)
Hello all, my name is Z A I D I A. I'm here to guest post to you on this lovely day (hey, don't blame me if you look outside and its raining.) all about HENNA!
I know what your thinking... "Henna? What the heck is henna?" You might ask. Well, check out this wiki.
I'lm going to give you a quick description of what it is though, so your not reading that whole darn wiki! It is a plant that flowers and it is used to make henna hair dye and henna paste for temporary tattoos. That's what I'm here to talk about. You see, I went to this campping thing and they offered Henna there so I did some on my hand. It only lasts a week or 2, and sometimes a couple days. I would love nothing more than to show you mine, but sadly, I have lost the picture(s) of it. So, I now present to you, *drum roll, if it please yeah, majesty* Random Henna Pictures I Found On Google!

But First, I assure you, my Henna was no way near this cool:

You see, mine was natural stuff, but I think this is the Black Henna.

Bet you didn't know that there is Henna hair dye! Well, now you do.. because I told you. Oh, and this is my first ever guest post. I am so wonderful at this you're blown away by it, corectomundo? No? Ah, well. Good day, my dear followers that aren't mine!


Hello, as I might have mentioned above My name's Zaidia Black. I'm a young, aspiring, writer, a tree climber, a drawer and much more than this blog post gives me to tell you.

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