Friday, September 11, 2009

A 'special' part of my day!

I need to blog this okay?:

Well I went to mah BF's house with another good friend
And we were selling Lemonade
And these two girls came up
and bought Lemonade
one of them was laughing
and when they were walking away
one said: Ew.. this tastes like water!
then a couple minutes later
one of the girls asked for more
GIRL 1: Can I have more lemonade
musicalfish: No
GIRL 1: Why not?
musicalfish: Cos you were mean about it
me: GIRL 1: You just lost 50c!!
musicalfish: So..
GIRL ONE: *screeches* B****es
musicalfish: ass hole
My friend went up when they went up the path
and stuck up her middle finger and then these two young men in a car came up and laughed 'Haha! GIRLS!'

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