Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to My Normal Old Blogs...

Well, now dudes and dudettes. I am back to my normal, boring blogs. To tell you the truth the American Girl Special was not special. I cannot make SPECIALS! D:
Paragraphs. Oh wait, what's that? I feel something else comming on its... well I don't know maybe.
Another paragraph. We had to watch a video in school today; two gothic emo punks explaining the 'wonderful' world of paragraphs D: I did not enjoy that lesson.
OH! Another paragraph. It was funny. My teacher was showing us interviews with Roald Dahl and in the middle of one the intercom came on, you can just imagine it:

'So, writing a story is like taking a-'
'Could we all please'
*Sentance morphed together*
'walk bring in your park'


~Basket Fox

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