Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little Lady's Lollipop

I renamed mah blog. I gave it a new background, and uber cool one at that. Way better than the last one (Ellie can take of course). I'm just listening to various songs, Love Story, Here come the girls, etc. Songs I don't normally listen to. Y'know. Ever just get an erge? I did. Next up is Just dance. But Here come the girls is still on. Still on. And this random dudette or dude on you tube has put a collection of pictures up of them. And they just keep flipping and twisting, in this utterly repetitive song. *shakes head* And it goes on and on. 14 more seconds... and we are out! XD *goes onto Just Dance* *sigh* Lady Gaga. What has the world come to? I'd much rather see P!NK. *changes song* Nananana...


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