Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I got for Christmas

Okay, first with the dolly stuff.

*Rebecca Rubin <3
*Doll School
*Doll hair
*doll crafts
*Doll scrapbook
*two handmade doll outfits

And other stuff

*A book voucher
*An art shop voucher
*A necklace
*An awesome guitar!!!!!!!!
*Guitar picks/pletrums
*A thing that teaches you how to cross-stitch
*A hat
*slipper socks
*conditioner for hair
*a coat
*A teddybear (which I haven't received yet, but my auntie told me)
*A coffee table, no not really. But my mum didn't want it anymore so she put it in my room and its the perfect doll room now! But it's not a Christmas present.

It was my sister's birthday 20th, so my nana and my gran gave me stuff so I wasn't left out.
A handbag

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