Friday, March 26, 2010

I really, Have NO idea what to do!

 Today is Friday. 26th of March, and in 5 days, it's April Fools day, I'm sure you all know that but there's something very important, WAY more important than April Fools day happening on April Fools day. It's Ruthie's birthday. Her 1st birthday, also marking my 1st year anniversery of having AGs :). I have that day off school anyway, so we can spend the day together!
 Though, there is a problem, I am TOTALLY broke. But I really want to get her a present. I have, whut, 7 euro. And I want to buy her a mini doll. I know, I'll have to order it from the internet, but Amazon have them, and they ship to my country. So I'd get it in a few days, maybe April fools day, but maybe a couple days before, but maybe a couple days after. Listen, I'm broke. What on Earth shall I do?

On the other hand, if I manage to produce this money somehow (or get her a late prezzie), which mini will I get? I was thinking either, Samantha or Nellie (open to other suggestions aswell). Which do you prefer? Just comment your answer :)

Also, for a bit of ME news. I had my best friend and my second best friend over :D So yeah, we had fun. We played Monopoly and Hungry Hippos. And I filmed 'em a bit for future refference of my friends :)

Oh yes, and on The AmericanGirlfan Message board I made a poll, Molly or Kit. And a lot of people voted Kit. But the thing is, I want hair that I'll be able to style. But I do want either Kit or Molly as friends for my crew. I know Molly is cute with her glasses, but any pictures where is isn't wearing glasses she's plain gourgeous. But I already have a grey eyed doll (Ruthie) and all of my dolls have a hair colour based off brown. But... I just don't know :P 


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swissmiss♥lotti said...

I choose Molly!! LOL.
I have no clue what Mini-Doll you should get. Maybe you could ask someone to loan you some money?