Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just a quick update

Alrighty, I know I've already posted today, but that one was all about birthdays. But I've just kinda, well, run out of ideas for what to post about. I'd really appreciate if you guys (plural, please, my only commenter out of my 21 followers is Gabrielle! I do love her comments, but maybe some other people would help me out on this one too) would tell me what to post about. I only have one post lined up, but it isn't all that interesting. Thank you!



♥Rose♥ said...

Thanks for following my blog! Yours is cool, too. :D

Hmm...what to post, the eternal question! lol. I would love to see more pictures of your dolls, if that is at all possible. You could do a photo story of your dolls outside, celebrating spring or something. I don't really know...


Maybob said...

Thanks and you're welcome Rose :)

Hmm... I'm not really allowed (I'm 11) post pictures, so I just scan stuff where at all possible. But thank you!

swissmiss♥lotti said...

Yeah, pictures would be cool. Or maybe drawings? You could make a photo story, or maybe you could start having your dolls do 'journal entries' on your blog or something?


Maybob said...

Thanks :)

Hmm... Scribble Saturday XD