Sunday, March 28, 2010


  Well, in my last post, I was worried about what to get Ruthie for her birthday, since I have no money. Well, I have a temporary solution. I have a key-ring/key-chain, of a DS lite. It came with ONM (Offical Nintendo Magazine UK) a good few months ago. So I skillfully (Nawh, not really it was simple) cut off the keyring part (got this idea from various AG lovers). So, it's around the right size for her now. I'm gonna make a box, like, print out the cover of a nintendo DS box and stick it on to another box or something. Okay, here are mah pictures:

I've Also Arranged  a little party for Ruthie, just for
my family! I'm gonna show them how a stopmotion is made and let them try and make one too :)
 I'm making birthday decorations for Ruthie, such
as a birthday cake and bunting that says Ruthie :)


swissmiss♥lotti said...

Awesome!! That is so cool! I want a mini DS :D
She'll love it. and great idea for the box!

Maybob said...

Thank you :) I really appreciate all your comments!