Sunday, June 13, 2010

Better, Better, Better

I made a new header, and I made the background B&W. I think it's great. We've still got all the colours in the text and the good news, bad news thingies. But yeah, I'm kind of in love with Paul McCartney's music. Mehehehe. I'm pretty freaking proud of the header. I compiled it. Made some things seethrough and that. The mic wasn't part of the Paul picture either. Anyway, the B&W theme matches the tabs. I was annoyed that I couldn't make them any other colour but it works nao. 
 School tomorrow, but it's not really all that bad. I should be getting some more test results and bringing some books home this week. 17 more days. Well, less, if you count the weekends. There are a couple of 1/2 days aswell!



georgiaXXXX said...

dats cul. he was in da beetles! btw i luv ur blog. its sooo kl

May said...

Thanks! :P But please use proper grammar. Yup. He was in the Beatles.


Rachyybabee (: said...

lol May, "Please use proper grammar." xD You can count on me to use proper grammar, ebing a librarian's daughter and all. :3

May said...

Yes. Lol May indeed. XD Yeah. I'm a freakish child sometimes.

Ellie said...

"ebing"? BAHAHAH! *throughly enojoying herself*

You love Maccas, then you say Owl City is horrible? *sniffsniff*

I luffs teh City de Owlz.

(And I can use inorrect grammar because I'm awesome. XD)