Friday, June 25, 2010

Where's the posting gone?

Well, you see. I have a Best Friend. Let's just call her K. So K joined in 2nd Class. I quickly became her friend, then her best friend. I'm in 5th class right now. So we've had like nearly 4 years of bestfriendship. Then, this year, she was gonna go to a boarding school, that would be for 6th class, our final year of primary school. So on Tuesday she left. I cried for like an hour after school. She went to USA for the whole Summer apart from like the end of this August so I will see her then. I got an email from her today which made me sooooooooooo durn happy. Wuv you.

Yeah. and only 3 more living days of school for meeeee! Then the Summer Holliers.


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