Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To Travel {to Berlin}

Fello blogger Libby (her fabulous blog has 70 followers! Jealous much?) is travelling to Paris tomorrow. I left a lengthy comment on her latest blog post about trips I'd like to take, and trips I've taken (oh and I said 'have fun' too). The whole thing just inspired me to tell you a bit about that sort of thing.


Berlin. I've always liked Germany, and the language is alright, the shopping centers vast and the cities and villages are nice. Over the Summer, I went to Berlin with my family. I went to all the touristy kinds of places like the Berlin wall (came home with a bit of it that I purchased at the airport) and the holocaust memorial and others, along with Galleria Kaufof and KaDeWe (shopping centers) and our lovely hotel. It walked the legs off us but was enjoyable. And we went to the zoo. {Knut died, how sad is that?}We also met up with my dad's friend. It rained some, and was actually kind of scary with a bit of thunder as we returned from a shopping trip absolutely soaked. But we had ice-cream. We were okay after that.
 We all came home tired, with goodies for others and absolutely thrilled. I would and will go back to Berlin anytime. I feel so lucky to be just two or three hours away from places like Germany, although it's not like 'Oh hey! Why don't we go to Germany today?' but still, it's saves us a massive journey.

Where are any interesting places you've been to? Is there any place you'd really like to go?

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Kendall said...

That sounds like fun. :D I've been to Germany (Berlin, I think?) but it was when I was four so as you can imagine, I don't remember much at all. I have lots of dreams to travel around Europe when I'm older, though.