Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sometimes I say things that are rude.
Sometimes I'm {overly} lazy.
Sometimes I'm angry.
Sometimes I just pick out all my faults.

Why do people pick out the worst things about themselves?
"Ugh, why do I always do really badly at art?"
"Why the heck is my hair so stupid and uncooperative?"
Maybe it's true that I'm being a hypocrite with that last 'sometimes'. So what? You've heard it a million times; 'God made you to be beautiful'. And I'm not going to go all religious here, but the message is right, and it is beautiful.

You were made that way. You were made to be beautiful. No, it's not a defect or accident that you can't sing 'nicely' or are shy. You were made that way. If we were all the same, it'd be a mighty boring world. You have other talents and things that so many other people would like to have.
You have so much freedom. You may not think it, but I can bet you, that even the older men and women in third world countries don't have as much freedom as you.
You have choice and you have 'valued' opinion.

You're beautiful.

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Hannah said...

I needed this post right now :) Thanks, Maeve.