Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ooooh Yeah!

So, yesterday was my last day of school in fifth class! In September, my class will be the oldest in the school and I will be the third oldest pupil there. Sixth class is kinda fun apparently but the teacher is a bit mean. Anyway. 
 It's my birthday on the ninth of this month! I can't wait. My Mum and Dad are getting me this awesome camera mo-bob and my gran is getting me some AG stuff. As you may know AG doesn't ship their stuff to Ireland and neither does Amazon. So I just said to my dad the other day 'Why don't we try eBay?' he said it would probably work. So we picked the items and ordered them yesterday, I can't wait! This is what she's getting me: 

The Retired Flip Longue Chair
The JLY Guitar 
The slightly older version of the hair care kit  
Play and Display stand (I think we got the last one the seller had!)

Innit great? Anyway. :) Blah Blah Blah.




Gabrielle said...


(I love the new blog design!!)

May said...

Thank you :D