Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Oh.. I changed the backround again. Why? Maybe you liked it. Maybe I did too, but it’s just not me. It was cool. A little too cool. I’m not like that. I prefer normal things put together to make something beautiful. Or at least I think so. Anyway, it’s fun for a while. Then I realise how unlike me it is.
 I haven’t posted for a while on this blog but check out my latest rant please (Rant once or Twice). Also, please follow that blog.
  Uhm. So. Basically it's nearly school time and well... yeah. I haven't got much to say apart from that, just I updated the update box. Anyway. Bye!



Hannah (Hannie) said...

Are you going into secondary?

May said...

No, not yet. Next year ;)