Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I gotta feelin'

 I've got a feelin.. that tonights gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonights gonna be a good good night. La la la la la la.

I don't like that song, but it's stuck in my head and it seems fitting to my situation. I know you all know my sob-story about my best friend leaving. And last night my dad said that it's gonna be hard to keep in touch with her. So I was thinking about his thought and it gave me a whole lot of bloody courage. Yeah, I've cried about her leaving, I've welled up many tears about it but why the hell am I? Okay, I used to see her most days in the year but now I won't. Yeah so? I'll write to her each week and see her every-so-often. My big sister has lived in many places over the years but she manages to keep in touch with one of her best friends in a different place. But after this whole thing has blown over, my friend will still be near-enough for me to go see her. We're going to different secondry schools anyway, but IF I get a facebook when I'm 13 and if she gets one we could add eachother.
 Anyway, though I still think of her as my best friend for now, I will sometime make new best friends over the years. But K, you're staying in my heart and mind forever. And you're staying in that picture frame on mt fireplace. I wouldn't dare forget you. And now I've got tears in my eyes. *sigh* I will keep in touch with you for as long as I can. These past four years have been great. Thanks :)

And even with me still kinda upset about this, I am freaking seeing her tomorrow. I can't bloody wait.

 And I feel confident about starting school next year. I'll be in the oldest class and be 3rd oldest pupil in the school. In my school 6th class does tons of stuff and even that bully 'don't phase me' right now. I have 2 very good friends and I like most of the others too. ~May


isnicket said...

My best friend left my city too.
Which totally STINKS! :'(

May said...

Yeah. Oh well. :(