Friday, August 6, 2010


Hi :) Mei is cooler than May. But I like both. anyways.
 I have discovered what a terrible singer I am. D: I hate singing like, by myself or with a small crowd. But I was singing karakoe on youtube yesterday and I was really crappish. I want to be better, but I don't want a carier in singing or w/e. Oh. And I made a big poster of Paul McCartney :3
 Funny-ish story time! :S Uhm. I made myself a mug of cheerios to bring up here and eat whislt I used the computer. So then I kinda put too many in the mug so I had to sit down and eat a few before I could bring them up here. So yeah, I sat down put a spoonful in my mouth and then the phone rang. The phone was only about 3 centimetres infront of me so I had to spit my cheerios back into my spoon and answer the phone xD Luckily it was my mum phoning from the shops. Actually, that wasn't a good story but anyway.

I just saw Inception:

It's like 12s, so I just barely qualified to see it. My sister had been begging me to see it with her but I thought it sounded boring. But then today my dad said that the whole family were planning on seeing it and asked if I'd like to come. I said sure. And well, I did. I was quite possibly the youngest person in the cinema but it was actually quite good :D Like. VERY good. Hard to understand in parts but worth seeing. It was really long and interesting. But I guess you'd have to be a certain type of person to enjoy it. I don't mean smart but like, well I don't know, interested I guess. Since I didn't understand it all, my family was able to explain the bits I didn't get in the car.



Kallie said...

Awesome! I saw Inception to, I didnt get it at first, but then everything was clear. :D I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!! Oh, I went to see it with my 16 year old bro, and we were the only people in the theater the whole time, so, we were like really loud, lol
Btw, I am 12.

May said...

I love it too :) (obviously) I'm 12 aswell.