Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting all excited.

It seems that most people are getting packages recently. Maybe it's because of the archival of Felicity and Elizabeth and all their things. But I'm not receiving any packages. Oh no. I'm getting things straight from the American Girl Place. Pity, I'm not going. Or more so, pity, I haven't gone.
My dad is lucky. Well, in my eyes, possibly not in his. That was his second time at the American Girl Place. He wouldn't have gone if I didn't ask him but still. Lucky, lucky.

He bought some stuff for Molly and Emily because I asked him to. I gave him a piece of paper with all the things I'd like. I don't have Molly but I have Emily. One of the cutest best friend sets, one of the only. Infact, they aren't best friends. They're just friends. But American Girl made Emily over Susan and Linda so there wasn't 'favouritism' shown.
I, as well as many others, fear the archival of Molly and Emily. It was just pure luck for me they didn't decide to archive Molly and Emily over Felicity and Elizabeth. Because, although Molly has been there all along, ever since 1986, before I was born, I've picked the newer ones (Emily 2006, Ruthie 2008, Rebecca 2009). Molly was around for 20 years before Emily came along. Kit, for eight. And I got Rebecca the year she came out. I got them all in 2009 actually. I got Ruthie before Rebecca came out, Emily after Rebecca came out and then I finally took notice of the sweet face on the American Girl website and got her for Christmas.
Anyway, so if you can't guess or if you don't already know,

 I'm getting Molly McIntire for Christmas! Why? Why do I suddenly decide to get her now? Why, when I've picked other dolls over her? Because, my dear friends, she's adorable. She's nice with the glasses, and absolutely amazing without them. I've always liked her and although she's not like... I don't know, as eye-catching and unique as my other dolls, I greatly fear her archival. I'd sometimes say, 'I can live without another doll' but then when acting out the Molly archival scene in my head. I know how much I would regret not getting her.

Some of my newer followers will be thinking "So? Can't you just order her when they announce the archival?" but no. I can't. I live in a different country, a country where American Girl has agrivatingly decided not to ship. Ireland. I've never visited America but I really, really want to. That's what makes my dad so lucky - in my eyes. I think he'd rather be home though.

Okay, this is just turning the corner down ramble road so without further ado, I will tell you what I'm getting.
For Christmas,
  • Molly McIntire doll + Book
  • Molly's Accessories
  • Molly's PJs
  • Emily's PJs
  • Emily's Accessories.
I'm quite excited! But it's another two months away. So I decided to please myself by getting,
  • Rebecca's accessories
  • Rebecca's School Outfit
  • Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress
I will save the Hanukkah dress for a while yet. Hanukkah is on December 1st and I might be able to last until a week before that. I'm Christian but I really love Rebecca's dress and culture. Now, to end this boring-pictureless post. I'll show you the American Girl Stock photos for the stuff I'm getting when my dad gets back.


P.S I've also pretty much decided to only get Historical items because they are the only dolls I have and modern stuff doesn't fit in with them!


Gabrielle said...

I think that Molly will be absolutely GORGEOUS! I've seen the pictures of her w/out glasses and she's super cute!
I think she's definitely a historical I'd consider getting. (And I don't think she has sticker eyes! what a plus! {sorry, I'm still really upset about Felicity.})
In any case, I'm really happy for you :)

Hannah said...

Yay, I bet you're so excited to get them! :D Soooo lucky ;)

May said...

:) Thank you!

I hope you find a doll you're truly happy with soon!