Sunday, October 10, 2010


 I have a cold. It's definately not fun. It started on Friday, and since then I've used an estimated 30 tissues. I also have a slight head-ache and slight sore tummy - but I'm guessing that's because I'm hungry.
 My Grandad, auntie and baby cousin are coming over which just sucks with this going on. Why? Because since my cousin is a baby, I have to be careful about passing on colds and stuff.
 I am really annoyed. I just took some medicine though and hopefully that should clear it up a bit. I want to go downstairs and wait hopefully for them to arrive, but I can't. I'm too utterly sick.
 I was earlier playing with my sister, just crazy running around the place stuff and it felt amazing. But now I'm done, it hasn't helped.
 DRONE DRONE DRONE DRONE - I am sorry about this 'droning' on about my health - DRONE DRONE DRONE DRONE.

In other news, if you're reading the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore (I recommend you should), there is a surprise! I just finished Shadow Wave, the last in the series and at the back it gave me a special bookmark that helped you read a secret code thingy (wait, make that 31 tissues) that takes you to a site. If you can't contain yourself and would like to find out what he's saying, press this and you'll find out! I'm excited but I still have to wait another year for the 'thing' to happen. Also, if you are a fan of his, you might like to know that there will be 7 books in the Henderson's Boys series :)

:P ~May

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