Sunday, June 12, 2011


 It's Sunday. On Sundays I am greeted with fresh bread and scrumptious pan au chocolat from the Jewish Bakery. On Sundays there are five or even six people instead of just us four in the house. On Sundays I can just relax. On Sundays it's just tradition, no new ideas, no nothing. Just our family tradition.
 On Sundays I can make myself comfortable at the desk and work away on essays, blogging or wander off to find a book. Sundays are easy going. Sundays are when we take a break before school or work the next morning.
 This Sunday is a time for new blog designs, this Sunday is a time when I will gladly inform you that 'Photographer's Week' is starting the next day.

Do you like my new blog design? I started on it yesterday or the day before and got it finished this afternoon (:. Do spread the love on photographer's week by clicking on 'grab my buttons' and taking the photographer's week one. It would be much appreciated.

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