Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photographer's Week: Interview with Photographer Carolyn

Are you enjoying Photographer's Week so far? I hope so. :)
 So, today I'll share with you an interview I did of aspiring photographer and friend Carolyn.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography:
   Hiya!  My name is Carolyn, and I sometimes go by Carolyn Liac, Caro, Caro-Sauce {Maeve's name for me!}, or Carter {which was my fake name before I could reveal my ACTUAL name}.  I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and glasses.  Photography is a big part in my life, and I never go a day without snapping a photo!
  As for my photography, I love to photograph every day life.  I especially enjoy taking photographs of nature.  I, living in a state where winter hits hard, also love to take pictures around my home, which probably sounds a bit odd.  I just snap pictures of anything I can get my hands on, I guess!

 What was your proudest photography moment?:
   Hmm . . . this one is tough!  I would probably have to say . . . when I took this photograph:

I was just beginning photography, and I bent down on my little dresser where some necklaces lied, tangled in a not together, and snapped this photo.  I didn't notice bokeh at this time, I just cared that there was a focus one place, and it was blurry everywhere else.  Still, I just love this photo, and that was definitely my proudest photography moment.  (:

What things, apart from photography interest YOU?
  Well, I have a long list.  You can tell I love photography {duh}, but besides that I love to dance.  It's really become a huge part of my life!  I also love to read and write, play piano and French horn, travel {when I get the chance, and just around Amerikay!}, and blog.  (:  Nothing too crazy there!  Besides those, my "little every-day hobbies" include smiling, laughing, being happy, and being with friends.  Sorry, that sounded utterly cheesy!

A couple of your favourite photos:
 First of all, the one from above!  Ok, now I'll actually show you some photos:

Do you have any tips for viewers?:
   Hmm . . . I'd have to say . . . bring your camera everywhere.  You don't know when something beautiful will come up, because beauty is everywhere.  Also, don't be afraid to try out some weird things to get a great photo!  I've bent around to get pictures, I've closed an eye and focused to see what it would look like on a screen . . . just keep taking those pictures!

If there was one thing and only one thing you could do to improve your photography (as wonderful as it is!) what would it be?
  Well, I'd like to get a bit of a better camera.  I know that the world's best photographer could have a simple point-and-shoot like me {I have a Canon Powershot A495, and I love it}, and the world's WORST could have a DSLR, but I still think that I could improve with a better camera.  The current camera I want is the Fujifilm Finepix!!  Also, I'd like if my photography would be crisper and have more vibrant colors, but not unreal vibrant, 'ya know?  Lastly, I'd like if I could zoom in REALLY far and get an amazingly crisp photo.  <3  A girl can dream, right?

 Thanks so much to Carolyn! I think she deserves a round of applause. She has lovely photos too :)

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Hannah said...

*applause!* Fun interview, and I love Caro's photos!