Saturday, June 18, 2011

Photographer's week is nearly at it's end, but it's going really well so far. Hope you enjoy this interview I did with Iona from Life in my Eyes and Through the Lens.

{One of Iona's favourite photographs}
Tell us a bit about yourself and your photography: I can't say something like, "I've been into photography for a long time," or "I adapted to photography at a young age." Because I haven't. I got a small camera, ran on a battery, no memory card. Nothing. I was content and didn't even care that when it died, I lost all my photos. I decided to set that one aside and stick with doing videos with my mom's old video camera. Christmas 2009, I got my very first digital point-and-shoot. It wasn't very good quality, mixing with the fact I knew nothing about camera's. When I lost that camera my mom offered up for me to use her DSLR. I used it and thought my under exposed, blurry photos were amazing. I still use my mom's and I'm hoping to get my own DSLR later.I have improved so much since that day, and still improving every step of the way.

What was your proudest photography moment?: When I learned to shoot in manual. I was so happy and now I can take good photos in any shooting conditions. Without flash! It also could have been when I taught myself what all the dials mean.
What things, apart from photography interest YOU? I love art. Definitely art. I started an art joint blog, and the lovely Maeve here is a part of it. I am not very good at art, but just like with my photography, I am definitely getting better.

A couple of your favourite photos:
These are just a few recent ones that I am loving.

{side note, aren't her photos absolutely gorgeous?}

Do you have any tips for viewers?:Even though I don't prefer flash, sometimes it's necessary in low light conditions. Flash is also a really good filler for underexposed photos.If you are new to your DSLR or even point and shoot. Consider starting slow. Shoot with flash, in auto. As you progress, try learning what all the buttons do. Read the manual. Or go to It's really helpful.

If there was one thing and only one thing you could do to improve your photography (as wonderful as it is!) what would it be?I really want the 50mm lens. I am saving up for it, but it isn't exactly cheap. I also want to start selling prints on etsy.

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