Friday, September 24, 2010


Now that I am a sixth class girl, the highest year in primary school, I am depended on a bit more. More jobs, more responsibility. My favourite job would have to be minding. What's that? Well, from Junior Infants to First Class, they need to be minded as in, opening juice cartons asking to go to the bathroom, being entertained, made happy etc.
There is one little girl called 'Liz' (or something similar which I am not saying for privacy reasons~) and so far I've been just playing with her and her best friend called 'Cate'. But then around 2 or 3 days ago the 2nd class girls began to play with them and they seemed to prefer them over me. For other reasons I wasn't able to do minding yesterday. But I was today and as I waited by the steps for the Juniors to come down Liz ran straight for me (apart from unwillingly hugging a second class twit) and hugged me. Then when break was over Cate blew me a kiss and hugged me. We're not supposed to let them get too clingy, but so what? I love the little monsters.

No Flattery Included, but this is slightly what Liz looks like ... slightly. 

 Anyway, it’s kind of sad for me. I was doing a huge job which required going around most of the school with my friend and felt a hint of nostalgia. Walking around thinking ‘This is where I lined up each day’ or ‘God, remember when…’ kind of wanting to feel the same sensation, or more, the same thing, you felt when you were of that age. I remember talking to minders who were the age I am now. Although, in my memory they seem like 15 year olds. Though, I am happy for the moment. The tears have yet to come.


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isnicket said...

XD at the little monster.