Monday, September 6, 2010

Confide in Books

 I love reading. I don't have a verity of books though. I usually love one author and get all their books then when I'm finito with him/her I find some other one that I adore. I've still got a few books left by the author I like now, but after that it's spending another bloody 200 euro on books that I'd just love to spend elsewhere. So, I want to join a library. I usen't to like the idea because 'other people' read the books, sneezed, coughed whislt reading but still. I don't really care. If I love a book enough that I borrow from 'the library' I'll buy it. But I haven't joined one yet. I want to so badly. There are books I could take out; Mockingjay, The Hunger Games, Percy Jackson. Ones that I'm not sure I'd like but would love to try.  Also I can take out some Manga books on drawing and stories. Libraries just sound amazing. There isn't one in walking distance, but we'll find one near (I hope).

 Libraries, Libraries, filled with book families. 

May wants library. NOW. May want to read. May want to try new things. May want it now.



Hannah said...

Libraries are awesome. The one in my town is rather...em...small, but still, awesome! I really recommend joining one :)


isnicket said...

My city doesn't HAVE a library. If you're lucky enough to actually have one relatively near, JOIN IT, MAN! :D

Ellie (You knpw...English Ellie? xP) said...

Yhayy, libraryness! Most of the books I've ever read have come from a library. Libraries PWN.