Friday, September 3, 2010

On Wednesday, school started. On Thursday it continued. On Friday it ended for two days until Monday comes round. Then I'll have to get up at seven and go to bed at half nine once more. But tonight, I don't know if I'll last until a quarter to ten. I am knackered. Not as tired as last night, sure, I was falling asleep at the dinner table. But still, I remain tired.
 I did 43 questions in maths, although they weren't hard, they were incredibly tedious. The teacher had a mini meeting so she had assigned us all that maths, though, I doubt she thought we'd finish. Around five or six people finished and the rest, not far behind. I was waiting for quite some time doodling in my notebook until she came back and started the next lesson. Irish. It wasn't hard mind you, just not a favourite of mine. We didn't do that for too long, but then a heap of correcting of maths was done. I told you, 43 questions, but 25 were in one book and the 18 in another. I was the only one who got all the 25 right, the teacher was quite pleased and I made a couple of mistakes in the 18 questions. Silly things, adding instead of subtracting and one digit wrong in another. Still, if I had looked over it I would have quite possibly noticed but I can't bear looking over. It's boring, tedious and difficult. Anway.
 We then did religion and then it was break time. I got to help out with the Juniors, a favourite job of mine. Today, I sorted out two seperate fights amongst 6 year olds and helped a little girl find her friend. I love that job. 
 The teacher took photos of us with our favourite thing to do, I brought in a camera and she told me to pose beside a rose bush and pretend to be taking a picture. I wonder how the picture turned out, I'll find out soon enough. 

Now, I'm off to fiddle with the settings on blogger. Bye!


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Hannah said...

Helping out with the Juniors sounds fun! :) *sigh* I remember when I was a junior infant :D


May said...

Yep, me too. Like, 8 years ago! :D They're just soo adorable.