Sunday, September 5, 2010

Working on my Manga

(13:14) Okay, so Manga/Anime is a Japanese style of drawing. It's used in TV programs like Natruto and Pokémon. And well, there are two nice people in my class who adore Manga stories, and books and stuff. And I also find them fasinating. But I really like art, so I wanna be able to easily draw Manga. So, today, like, five minutes ago, I fished out my sisters old Manga drawing book (It took like, 10 minutes to retrieve it, even though I knew where it was) and hey presto, now I'm 'drawing a basic face' as they put it. I'll just finish drawing it and then upload it on here.

(13:22) So, lets be honest here. It's not very good. At all. I'm a try again, I think the eyes were the ones that messed up, big time.
It's really terrible. I need to try again.

 (4 September 2010)

(13:30) I've just started to try again already and it seems to be going better than last time, I'm allowing my self to do more sketchy pencil lines.

(13:36) Scanning, scanning, scanning.

(13:38) So, it's alright. I forgot about rubbing out the pencil lines but I think I want to run it under GIMP for a snazzy colour up. Maybe I'll touch up the lines aswell.

(I worked for about 20 minutes then went down for a bite to eat)

(14:22) I've been working on this thing for quite some time now, it's shaping up nicely. I'm thinking of maybe printing it out and sticking it up somewhere :) I've still got to shade stuff though

(14:30) Okayy. I think I'm finished. Yurp. Just head over to my art blog to see it, why? Because well.That's where my art stuff should usually go. This is kinda, like, a preview of it. Because not so many people view my other one. And well, I hope it goes durn good.


Jasmine said...

I LOVE to draw manga!

May said...

Awesome! Show me sometime if you can :)