Saturday, September 18, 2010


Okay, so I'm going to hold a

(Snazzy poster huh? I made it)

Scan in a picture,
Record your own song,
Write a story,
Make a video, ten minutes long.

Do whatever you want,
A poem,
A design,
But enter only one time.

The Platinum Dream contest has just opened. It will last two whole weeks.So you have until 19th September til 3rd of October! Then on the third or fourth. I'll judge. I erge you all to enter cos... uhm. I'll have a prize, not a prize you have to post off somewhere but like a super cool drawing or something. Whatever you'd like! Depending on how many enter I'll have 1-3 prizes. Email me your w/e it is you're doing at (I know, my other blog's email. But I don't want to share out my real email) Thanks!