Saturday, July 10, 2010


 Hello! Last time I posted, I was 11. Now I'm 12 :) So I had a great day yesterday I got....
 (images belong to AGplaythings)
The Flip Lounge chair

The Play and Display Stand (especially for Emily because she's a little wobbly)

The Guitar! It's sooo realistic :) I love it. You can strum but it sounds awfull but it's really amazing!

And this (the older version) of the hair care kit. I wanted this mainly because of the spray bottle, I tried out the curls, but I probably need help from my mum to get them to work >.< 

Then, apart from AG stuff I got...

This coolio camera :D

Some art stuff and Monies!

So yeah I'm happy!

But birthday aren't all about presents, they're also about having a great time <3

Ohh and on the 'My American girl' site which most of us know about at this stage, now shows you the charms you get with certain outfits

~ Love, May

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Hannah (Hannie) said...

All those gifts are awesome!