Sunday, July 4, 2010


So... sorry 'bout yesterday. Twas a bit morbid. But I guess I enjoy ranting. I'm not putting that rant on my other blog, the ranty one. But instead. I will post one about vegetarianism, look out for it!
Uhm, as it nears my birthday I'm getting a little more excited. My dad and my sister went out and bought me something, I know my dad and mum getting me a camera. But whatever my sister's getting me will be a surprise :)
I have to spend some money on birthday presents soon (there are a ton of July birthdays in my family) but after all of that. I'm gonna start saving for a new dolly. As I said before, my dad is going to go to America in October and then I'll be able to get Grace/Kathleen. I may also have enough money by then to get a few bits and pieces for my dolls.
Ok, so I don't know if I have posted the reasoning behind the names 'Grace' and 'Kathleen' but I guess I will now.
I would like to name the doll Grace because it's a beautiful name and I was nearly named it as a baby. But there's a deeper (oh no!) reason behind Kathleen. Kathleen is the name of my bestie, as in, my best friend who recently left my school. She also looks a bit like her, the freckles and hair :) I betterr go make a poll about that.
Again, thanks a BUNCH to everybody, yesterday and all the othertimes I've needed comforting. I'd also love to thank everybody who reads and follows my blog. :)


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